WQ: Better Questing!

The bread-and-but­ter of lev­el­ing, quest­ing, is bet­ter than ever in Wrath. Quest­ing is more fun from both from a nar­ra­tive and mechan­i­cal perspective.

The nar­ra­tives are stronger. A scourge-rav­aged vil­lage where many peo­ple have been lost, where you ulti­mate­ly ral­ly the peo­ple to flush the zom­bies out. Some ani­mal activists work against overzeal­ous ani­mal hunters, you start off help­ing trapped ani­mals, learn­ing about the hunters, and even­tu­al­ly lead­ing an attack to stop their oper­a­tion. A gnome encamp­ment try­ing to learn what hap­pened to their lost peo­ple and how the miss­ing are con­nect­ed to the grow­ing pol­lu­tion. They’re like short sto­ries that you play out in the WoW uni­verse. In orig­i­nal and TBC, you’d have a mix of good sto­ry pro­gres­sion with ones that seemed tan­gen­tial or designed to be filler. A much high­er pro­por­tion of the quests are tied to these short sto­ries. There’s set­up, there’s a cycle of activ­i­ty and con­tin­u­a­tion of sto­ry, and final­ly a con­clu­sion with per­haps a leader to the next chap­ter. And this sto­ry usu­al­ly ties into the over­all theme of the zone, or the neigh­bor­ing quests.

The mechan­ics of actu­al­ly doing a quest are the same–there are col­lec­tion quests, deliv­ery quests, smack ene­mies quests, and some oth­ers. It’s the con­di­tions sur­round­ing these quests that has improved. Most quest hubs have neigh­bor­ing regions where those quests are per­formed, and now a quest chain log­i­cal­ly pro­gress­es with­in that region with lit­tle ran­dom leaps to oth­er parts of the world. No more won­der­ing if you’re going to be back in the same loca­tion for a dif­fer­ent quest. My wife and I used to tour the entire zone upon entry, pick­ing up absolute­ly every quest in the fear that two seem­ing­ly unre­lat­ed hubs were going to ask us to per­form a task in the same loca­tion; it’s not fun when the Smelly Yeti Extinc­tion Soci­ety ask you to kill ten smelly yeti and then two ses­sions lat­er, the Aro­mat­ic Leather Crafty­mak­ers ask you to col­lect ten smelly yeti hides. No more of that, from what I’ve seen. Now we just come upon a quest hub and do what we like.

Both of these points are sub­tle, but clear­ly Bliz­zard has put a lot of effort into improv­ing the qual­i­ty of quests. I’m real­ly enjoy­ing them.

WQ: Alliance Skinning Tip

If you have an Alliance Skin­ning alt, park it in Valiance Hold (Bore­an) and spend 20 min­utes a day skin­ning the fly­ing Scourged Flame­spit­ter just out­side your front door. It’s a near­ly manda­to­ry quest so there are always peo­ple there, and those play­ers near­ly always leave their mobs unskinned. Free mon­ey, piles of it!

Don’t just lurk near­by while peo­ple kill the mobs, though. If you’re not busy skin­ning, go ahead and help kill some of the mobs that some­one else has tagged. You’ll feel good, and the faster the mobs die, the more you have to skin. Good for them, good for you.

What’s more, those mobs also hap­pen to be the best mobs in the zone as far as skin­ning goes. Before you know it, you’ll have a cou­ple of stacks of Bore­an Leather. (Don’t be freaked out by the scraps; it comes so fast that they turn into real stacks soon enough).