Dynamic Duos

One of the great joys of WoW is how couple-friendly it is. My wife and I are suckers for some cooperative multiplayer, and we haven't looked back since we set up her account. We play together all the time, doing dailies, farming mobs, instancing and raiding (although we're learning that being new parents isn't really conducive to raiding, so that's trailing off). Also, leveling alts.

We have some experience leveling a number of duos.

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WoW Wrath Class Redesign and Reitemization Explained

I love what I'm hearing about the new itemization from beta. A lot of it is still in flux, but there's a core variable that isn't: a number of formerly separate stats have been combined:

  • critical strike = critical strike + spell critical strike
  • hit rating = hit + spell hit
  • haste rating = haste + spell haste
  • spellpower = healing + spell damage

This is absolutely wonderful. If you're wondering why they're doing this or why it's so important to the quality of PvE, let's geek out a bit and look at each class, the kinds of gear it currently wants, and what just the spellpower (healing + spell damage) combine means in terms of how it's going to make your PvE instances and raids happier.

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Where PvP Gear Often Helps

Yesterday, I talked about How to Read PvP Gear for PvE, and shortcuts on how to evaluate PvP gear when it comes to enhancing your PvE set. The big takeaway from the article was: use PvP gear to patch your PvE set, not for overall gearing.

Today, I'll list as many of the commonly-patched cases I can think of. If Blizzard's going to keep polluting sprinkling in pvp items in your pve instances/raids, you might as well cherry-pick pieces from the pvp side that will actually help you in PvE.

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