If, If, Wait, Wait

My 10-month-old daugh­ter is sick, cough­ing, con­gest­ed. Con­fused. She does­n’t under­stand why my wife and I don’t just fix it. It’s impos­si­ble to explain that we would use this awe­some con­ges­tion pow­er on any­one but her. So, lots of sooth­ing, lots of grumpy dia­per changes, lots of naps inter­rupt­ed by vicious chok­ing on mucus. She final­ly goes to real sleep late in the evening.

Par­ent free­dom time! How­ev­er, said par­ents are absolute­ly exhaust­ed. Need to do some­thing before sleep, though. We’re not parent-bots.

“Hey, you know what would be great?”

“No, what’s that?”

“Want to do some dailies? Just to relax for a few min­utes. Get you clos­er to that rep sword.”

“That sounds good!”

Ok then! Let’s log on for fif­teen min­utes or so and do some dailies.

Position in queue: 429
Estimated time: Calculating...

The cal­cu­lat­ed time end­ed up being twen­ty-four minutes.

Back in the days when we were sit­ting down for a three or four hour block, a twen­ty-four-minute delay was just a minor irri­ta­tion. But now, we’re (try­ing to) log on for a half-hour or even ten-minute ses­sion. A twen­ty-four minute wait? It’s the whole thing.

This got me thinking.

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Everything is Always Moving

There’s a fun­ny thing hap­pen­ing in my guild.

I logged on late the oth­er night to hope­ful­ly luck into a quick instance run (did­n’t hap­pen), and there were four peo­ple from my guild on. I did­n’t rec­og­nize any of them. I vague­ly remem­bered read­ing some­one’s app from a lit­tle while ago, but that’s all. I mean, I’ve seen them around, but this is the first time I had ever logged in and not known any­one who was online.

“Well, new guildies are good for the guild,” I thought.

How­ev­er, these peo­ple were chat­ting with each oth­er over /g, and they all seemed to know each oth­er pret­ty well. Even though I did­n’t know them, it was obvi­ous that each of them was a good fit for the guild. We have a strange and fun guild cul­ture, and it was obvi­ous that they were steeped in it.

It felt like walk­ing into my liv­ing room and find­ing four very friend­ly strangers there.

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Raiding vs Parenting

My wife and I like WoW a lot. We’ve played it togeth­er for more than two years now, and have been endgame raiders for most of that time. Some­times as many as three nights a week! There have been ups and downs, but we’re both excit­ed about Wrath.

As new par­ents, we’ve learned what the hard­est part is about instances and raids: no pause but­ton.

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Happy Mother’s Day

Being a brand new dad has attuned me to Moth­er’s Day. I used to obey when my father told me to get my moth­er a gift, but that’s because there was the threat of phys­i­cal vio­lence if I did­n’t. That turned into a habit, but I nev­er real­ly got it. Ah, parenting.

If you already under­stand Moth­er’s Day before becom­ing a par­ent your­self, then I raise a toast to you. If you don’t under­stand it or sim­ply go through the motions like I did, all I can say is that you’ll get it as soon as you have kids. I’ve already called my moth­er to apol­o­gize for not under­stand­ing it soon­er. She laughed at me.

So Hap­py Moth­er’s Day every­one, espe­cial­ly to gamer moms and writer moms.

(Yes, this is a day late. I thought it defeat­ed the pur­pose if I took part of her Moth­er’s Day to write a post on my blog about Moth­er’s Day. So my new-mom wife got the whole day. Part of that day was giv­ing her a craft­ed [Belt of Deep Shad­ow]. You might chuck­le, but she loved it, and it was a large upgrade over her Nether­storm blue quest­ing belt. And yes, there was a real-life gift as well.)