Bad Character Names

You’ve got a new char­ac­ter for a big mas­sive­ly mul­ti­play­er game, so you need a name. How do you come up with a good name? Good ques­tion! I might write about that anoth­er time.

This is a list of what peo­ple do wrong. It was writ­ten with both a gen­ero-fan­ta­sy set­ting and a stan­dard Eng­lish key­board in mind.

(High­er on list is less bad, low­er on list is less good.)

  • Gener­ic names: Drag­on. Angel. Val­or.
  • “For­eign” Lan­guage words: Grande. Iki­masho. (For­eign to you is not for­eign to all–you’d laugh at a char­ac­ter whose name was “Big” or “Let’s go!”)
  • Jammed words: Drag­o­nan­gel. Burn­ing­cat.
  • Meta: An undead named Rot­ting. A tau­ren named Beef­cake.
  • Out of game con­text (OOC): Chuck. Space­ship.
  • Uno­rig­i­nal: Lego­las. Driz­zt.
  • Jammed and meta: Deathknight.
  • Jammed and OOC: Chuc­knor­ris. Brucewil­lis. Cap­tain­plan­et.
  • Jammed and meta and OOC: Undead­fred.
  • Jammed and talk­ing to the read­er: Ucantseeme. Pwny­ou. Imdeath. (Per­son­al­ly, I always choose the most obtuse nick­name pos­si­ble for these kind of names: “See you lat­er, Imd.” “My nick­name is sup­posed to be Death <cry>”)
  • Uno­rig­i­nal and late: Lle­go­lass. Dri­i­i­i­i­i­iz­zt.
  • Uno­rig­i­nal and late and jammed: Elfle­go­las. Deathknightt.
  • Pre­scrip­tion drug name: Prope­cia. Celexa. (Although giv­en enough time, phar­ma could elim­i­nate the gen­ero-fan­ta­sy name­space)
  • Swapped char­ac­ters: Dragòn. (pre­vi­ous­ly dis­cussed: Text-based game, yet I can­not type your name.)
  • Uno­rig­i­nal and swapped: Lêgolâs.
  • Uno­rig­i­nal and swapped and late: Elflê­golâs.
  • Polit­i­cal state­ments of any kind: Noba­ma. Mclame. (Your polit­i­cal views are unin­ter­est­ing in a game con­text.)
  • Jammed and talk­ing to read­er and swapped: Üçântsêêmê.

The order of these gets hairy in the mid­dle and is to taste, although I feel pret­ty sol­id about the top and bot­tom.

Thanks to the read­ers who helped with ideas.

Did I for­get any­thing? Is there a name worse than Üçântsêêmê?