Minipets are now weightless joy

One of the few parts of WoW that gives me unbri­dled geeky joy is minipets, which I’ve pro­claimed my love for in the past.

Thanks to mmo-cham­pi­on for the fol­low­ing bless­ing from heaven:

Quote from: Nethaera (Source)

We’re pleased to announce a con­ve­nient upgrade to the way that mounts and van­i­ty pets are han­dled in Wrath of the Lich King.

Play­ers will be able to “learn” a mount or non-com­bat pet much like learn­ing a spell, recipe, or new abil­i­ty, and these crea­tures will then show up on a new Pet tab with­in the Char­ac­ter Info sec­tion of the inter­face. Play­ers will be able to access and pre­view their learned mounts and van­i­ty pets through this tab.

Once learned, the pet icon or mount icon will no longer appear in bag spaces or bank spaces. This inven­to­ry space will be made avail­able once again for oth­er adven­tur­ing needs. Pets can still be set to hotkeys by drag­ging them to the hotkey bar, much like any oth­er spell or ability.

For me, this is like get­ting an addi­tion­al mageweave bag on top of my cur­rent stor­age. For my wife? A free Gigan­tique.

It’s fun­ny, I’ve read a lot of the patch notes, and I’m intel­lec­tu­al­ly excit­ed about changes to my heal­ing priest, tank­ing war­rior, my wife’s com­bat rogue and tank­ing druid… but this minipet non­sense is the first thing that I read that made me break out a “Woohoo!

(I’m laugh­ing at myself.)

Minipets are joy

I have to admit that my most cov­et­ed drop that I want from Mag­is­ter’s Ter­race is the phoenix minipet. Minipets are prob­a­bly the sil­li­est thing in World of War­craft. A non-com­bat pet. Win­dow dressing.

For my wife, I think minipets are about 20% of why she plays the entire game. When I passed on the rumor of minipet bags, she was thrilled. She is that per­son who has 20 minipets, in her inven­to­ry. Chick­ens, robots, ele­phants, glow­ing balls of light, bugs, old chew­ing gum, and a ball of string. I have a mere dozen. Only four on my inven­to­ry at a time (less on my bag­space-starved war­rior, he only gets three) Our love of minipets is strong, and it turns out that we are not alone.

The best minipets have a noise you hear when you click on it. Like with Willy, you get a groan. Mechan­i­cal chick­en, you get a robot­ic cluck­ing noise. And so on. It’s some­thing fun you can do if you’re on a raid and the raid leader has to explain an encounter you know to the new person.

Come to think of it, the baby pan­da is par­tial­ly what sold my wife on the game in the first place. You have these majes­tic, impos­ing char­ac­ters, with huge shoul­der armor and glow­ing effects and fear­some weapons and so on. And then you have a hum­ble prairie chick­en peck­ing the ground next to you. There’s some­thing about that pair­ing that’s just per­fect. Before we got her a com­put­er of her own (and a game client of her own), my wife and I would play togeth­er, with her rid­ing shot­gun. We chat­ted up some­one in Iron­forge who had a baby pan­da. “That’s so cool!” “Yeah, but he does­n’t real­ly do much.” And at that moment, the baby pan­da took a nap, lay­ing down with the green zzz over its head. We laughed for a sol­id ten min­utes. That was the beginning.

Minipets fac­tor into our guild’s raid strat­e­gy as well. When we encounter dif­fi­cul­ty on a new boss, the wipes can get tedious. Some­one always sug­gests dif­fer­ent minipets, and every­one in the raid says “Ah yes. Minipets.” A dif­fer­ent con­tin­gent of (use­less) minipets will cer­tain­ly make this attempt much eas­i­er. Like I said, we’re casual/raiding, and we should prob­a­bly be talk­ing more about what­ev­er’s killing us, but how can you turn down a guar­an­teed smile and laugh before rush­ing in to die again?

You can’t. It’s just one of the sil­ly parts of WoW that make it fun.

Hellgate London sucks

There was a time in the last six months when my wife and I need­ed a break from the World of War­craft. I keep up on the gam­ing inter­nets and came across news that a for­mer project leader (Bill Rop­er) had left Bliz­zard and went to found his own com­pa­ny (Flag­ship Stu­dios). This com­pa­ny’s first game is Hell­gate Lon­don (HGL), a top-tier online mul­ti­play­er game in the spir­it of Dia­blo, by the pro­duc­er of Dia­blo. It’s post-apoc­a­lyp­tic, mag­ic-using, gun-shoot­ing, demon-fight­ing. It’s lev­el­ing up and get­ting bet­ter gear. When I list it here, it STILL sounds like a no-lose prospect.

After try­ing the beta, we were skep­ti­cal due to the amount of bugs. We did­n’t have a lot of expe­ri­ence with beta ver­sions, so we believed the com­pa­ny’s con­stant reas­sur­ances that they were iron­ing those bugs out. We fig­ured this must be how it’s done. So my wife and I each got the Col­lec­tor’s Edi­tion of HGL, because the CE came with a minipet and we’re suck­ers for minipets. My best friend did, too. We’re all gamers, we were look­ing for­ward to dive into a new game that we could all play together.

Unfor­tu­nate­ly, HGL sucked.

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