Bad Guild Names

Many guilds have outright terrible names. Ok, not terrible, just terribly bland. They're all stamped from the same lame press: X of Y.

  • Seekers of Truth
  • Champions of Honor
  • Seekers of Honor
  • Defenders of Glory
  • Champions of Truth
  • Seekers of Glory
  • Defenders of Truth
  • Champions of Glory
  • Defenders of Champions
  • Protectors of Italian Virginity (kidding, this one would actually be ok)

Tell me that you haven't seen dozens of these guilds lingering around. In my experience, they're always recruiting. Their GM quotes Gladiator or other epic movies in his sig. I can just keep piling these stereotypes on, we've all seen people like this. They attach weight to the name of a group of people.

Next time I start a guild, I'm going to call my guild "X of Y". Seriously.

The problem with most joke names is that nothing is funny after two days. Just like most tattoos aren't cool in just a couple of years. What's cool and funny now is never cool the fifth time you explain it. However, I suspect that as you see another guild form with a name like Harbringers of Misfortune, you might get another chuckle that will keep this joke fresh.

At least a guild with a stale joke name can be disbanded and reformed with a newer joke nameā€¦ unlike those sad souls stuck with tribal tattoos.

In the meantime, I have an unguilded alt who's about to start a new guild. It'll be right up there with the Bankadins.