Overview of Loot Systems

Zomgepics! The joy, the sorrow. The absolute headache for anyone running a guild. This is a followup article to The Most Successful Loot Systems.

Any system that involves large teams and limited loot (for example, PvE raiding in World of Warcraft) requires a system to sort that loot out. If your 25-person group takes down a raid boss, and that boss drops 4 items, how do you determine who gets those items? It takes time and effort to raid, and someone has to get gear before someone else.

There are many, many kinds of loot systems. However, all of the ones I'm aware of fall into three broad categories: earn and spend, higher authority, and random. Continue reading Overview of Loot Systems

But He's Been Here Forever

In my guild, we have a long-time member, I'll call him Mark. He's a good and friendly person, but he's definitely not officer material. Passive-aggressive, flaky, self-centered. Mark's been pining for officership for years.

I haven't been in officership for a while (because I've been raiding more diapers than instances), but I was surprised to learn of Mark's recent promotion to officer.

An officer friend chatted me up:

"Hey, how you doing?"

"Good. So what happened with Mark?"


"What do you mean?"

"I couldn't help but notice that he's an officer now."


"So, what happened?"


"Well, he's been here forever…"

Oh… crap. Continue reading But He's Been Here Forever

Protect Your Guild Bank with an Alt Invite Policy

Just a quick reminder for guild leadership: your guild bank contents might be full of L70 materials and gear, but that doesn't mean that shady people won't want them and the gold your guild has stashed aside.

Every alt-invite request from a person with guild bank access should come directly from that character's main.

This vulnerability exists all the time, but in this brave new Death-Knighted world, alt invites are going to be rampant.


OfficerMain: "Hey, I just made a DK alt, name is OfficerDKAlt. Can I get an invite?"

GM: "Yeah sure!"

Officer logs off of OfficerMain, logs on OfficerDKAlt, receives invite, gets promoted to guild bank access. Nothing bad happens.


RandomPerson: "Hey, this is YourFriendOfficer. Can I get an invite?"

GM: "Yeah sure!"

RandomPerson receives invite, gets promoted to guild bank access, empties guild bank.

From the looks of it, Blizzard's going to have its hands full with technical problems, so help yourself out and prevent this from happening to your guild.

Polytoons can be Bad

My main is my holy priest. My raid-ready alt is a protection warrior. I like healing slightly more than tanking, but honestly I'm happy playing either. I'm also glad to pinch hit in a dps situation every now and then, because it means I have more time to enjoy my scotch.

After a lot of practice, I've become good enough to either heal or tank for instances, heroics, and raids. The change of pace actually keeps my overall interest level higher. When I brought my tank along for the ride, how I was helping!

Or at least, how I thought I was helping. Despite the fact that I've become more useful to my guild and have more fun playing the game, the social ramifications have made me wish that I hadn't tried it in the first place. There were consequences.

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