Geeky Game Design and Automated Character Audits

My guild fell in love with be.imba and wowheroes a while back. Look, they have gear scores! Trumpets played throughout the geeky core of the guild: "Finally! A way to grade and communicate to people their relative progress in the endgame!" For example: "Hey, you're not ready for X because you don't have Y score. Go hit some instances and heroics."

Unfortunately, some time cuddled up to these tools have exposed why they can't be used for this reason.

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Fools, Silence, and Damage Reporting–supplemental

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While it's a bad idea to link your damage meters over a common chat channel, it's a very bad idea to link your damage report if you're a damage dealer and you're that one dps'er who consistently does less damage than the tank. What you're trying to say is that you outperform the healer at doing damage, but what you're really saying is:

"The healer's good enough to keep everyone alive and also do 30% of the damage that I'm doing."

The healer's damage is basically like the rock bottom of damage performance in a raid. Healing does zero damage. You are also saying that you don't understand groups enough to know what the different roles do, but you aren't going to let that slow your spamming down. This is a chain of thought that will immediately lead others to group with you less, because veterans will sense that this is probably the tip of the iceberg:

  • you roll for gear that doesn't apply to you and then throw a fit when someone tries to tell you how your character works
  • you don't understand or don't care about crowd control
  • you cry and blame someone every time you die
  • you go afk without warning
  • you complain about repair costs
  • you never have elixirs/poisons/food buffs
  • you use curse words in a way that's not interesting, relevant, or funny

Not everyone is all of these, but usually these character flaws don't come in single servings. Most people went to the all you can eat Buffet of Broken.

And yes, this was all that a single damage meter post said. And incidentally, this person lived up to many of the above-listed predictions.

Fools, Silence, and Damage Reporting

I healed through Magister's Terrace this weekend to get a couple of friendly guildies ready for MrT heroic. My wife, in the next room, said "What's wrong?" I hadn't even realized I sighed. "This new recruit just spammed his damage meters after our first wipe."

I had forgotten about this little slice of the game. Of course, now my blissful ignorance has been shattered, but it's a good topic of discussion.

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