Geeky Game Design and Automated Character Audits

My guild fell in love with be.imba and wowheroes a while back. Look, they have gear scores! Trum­pets played through­out the geeky core of the guild: “Final­ly! A way to grade and com­mu­ni­cate to peo­ple their rel­a­tive progress in the endgame!” For exam­ple: “Hey, you’re not ready for X because you don’t have Y score. Go hit some instances and heroics.”

Unfor­tu­nate­ly, some time cud­dled up to these tools have exposed why they can’t be used for this reason.

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Fools, Silence, and Damage Reporting–supplemental

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While it’s a bad idea to link your dam­age meters over a com­mon chat chan­nel, it’s a very bad idea to link your dam­age report if you’re a dam­age deal­er and you’re that one dps’er who con­sis­tent­ly does less dam­age than the tank. What you’re try­ing to say is that you out­per­form the heal­er at doing dam­age, but what you’re real­ly say­ing is:

“The heal­er’s good enough to keep every­one alive and also do 30% of the dam­age that I’m doing.”

The heal­er’s dam­age is basi­cal­ly like the rock bot­tom of dam­age per­for­mance in a raid. Heal­ing does zero dam­age. You are also say­ing that you don’t under­stand groups enough to know what the dif­fer­ent roles do, but you aren’t going to let that slow your spam­ming down. This is a chain of thought that will imme­di­ate­ly lead oth­ers to group with you less, because vet­er­ans will sense that this is prob­a­bly the tip of the iceberg:

  • you roll for gear that does­n’t apply to you and then throw a fit when some­one tries to tell you how your char­ac­ter works
  • you don’t under­stand or don’t care about crowd control
  • you cry and blame some­one every time you die
  • you go afk with­out warning
  • you com­plain about repair costs
  • you nev­er have elixirs/poisons/food buffs
  • you use curse words in a way that’s not inter­est­ing, rel­e­vant, or funny

Not every­one is all of these, but usu­al­ly these char­ac­ter flaws don’t come in sin­gle serv­ings. Most peo­ple went to the all you can eat Buf­fet of Broken.

And yes, this was all that a sin­gle dam­age meter post said. And inci­den­tal­ly, this per­son lived up to many of the above-list­ed predictions.

Fools, Silence, and Damage Reporting

I healed through Mag­is­ter’s Ter­race this week­end to get a cou­ple of friend­ly guildies ready for MrT hero­ic. My wife, in the next room, said “What’s wrong?” I had­n’t even real­ized I sighed. “This new recruit just spammed his dam­age meters after our first wipe.”

I had for­got­ten about this lit­tle slice of the game. Of course, now my bliss­ful igno­rance has been shat­tered, but it’s a good top­ic of discussion.

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