Guild Strengthening via Personal Achievements

Recent­ly, Kiki­das remind­ed me of a pop­u­lar thought in how to make guilds stronger: a guild house/stronghold of some kind, with var­i­ous cus­tomiz­able dec­o­ra­tions from tro­phies from kills and accomplishments.

The prob­lem with guild hous­ing is that the room is com­mu­nal prop­er­ty. A brand new guild mem­ber walks into a room that has every­thing pop­u­lat­ed or emp­ty, just like some­one who has been there the whole time. Just like guild banks, you can’t have every­one edit­ing a room, right? I mean, I don’t let my wife edit my office desk arrange­ment (the mess is just so, thanks). Plus, you can’t take a guild house with you: if your guild goes south, you have to leave the house behind.

But why don’t we make guild suc­cess per­son­al, like the new Achieve­ment sys­tem is?

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