Secret Design of WoW PvE

My best attempt to help newly minted max level characters in World of Warcraft. It's an attempt to bridge the gap between the leveling game they just completed and the group endgame that follows. It was written in June 2008, toward the end of The Burning Crusade's time.

Iconic Players

My description for people who frequently cause problems in either the social side or gameplay side of World of Warcraft.

  • Mike doesn't care about your social structure, he just wants rapid progression through the endgame. He'll use any means necessary to achieve this.
  • Bob has drama follow him wherever he goes, including your guild. Your guild is less stable with him in it.
  • Lisa is maximum level, and thinks that by virtue of her maximum level alone, thinks that she knows everything about the game.
  • Mary is a mid-tier or lower raider, and thinks that by virtue of her place in the end raiding game alone that she knows everything about the game.
  • Angus is a great real life leader, and a great officer, but not a great guild leader. He doesn't have the people's touch.
  • Mark shouldn't be an officer, but the guild wants to promote him anyway.