One week with patch 2.4

I’ll start by say­ing that Mag­is­ter’s Ter­race (MrT) is won­der­ful from start to fin­ish. It’s beau­ti­ful to look at, the music is great, the boss­es are fun, and the gear poten­tial makes me want to bring all my char­ac­ters there. If it were none of those, it’d still be a new place to go with my guild­mates. But it’s great, so kudos to Blizzard.

(Also, the in-game cin­e­mat­ic should be some­thing that they do ALL THE TIME. Not just in instances, but quests. ALL THE TIME. When you cre­ate a soul­well, or a rit­u­al of refresh­ment. You should get an in-game cin­e­mat­ic when you click your hearth­stone. Just get that world of war­craft nar­ra­tor talk­ing, and you feel epic.)

The game mechan­ic cor­rec­tions and tweaks are all wel­come, as always. New craft­ing rewards are wel­come, new fac­tion, new zone. New com­bat log, new por­tals com­ing. New zomg epics. I was glad to see the excite­ment of my guild­mates as they pur­chased Nether Vor­tex­es (Vor­tices?) and upgrad­ed their craft­ed gear.

All good fun.

Maybe I’ve been fol­low­ing the game’s devel­op­ment too much, but I’m still under­whelmed. Not by what’s been giv­en, but by the long bar­ren months between here and the next expan­sion, which is pre­sum­ably six or more months away. The new 25-man raid instance is going to keep the high-end guilds hap­py for a while, but it means absolute­ly noth­ing to me and my wife, as well as our guild. I’m guess­ing that it took Bliz­zard a while to make.

The dailies? Well, they’re most­ly kill X quests. Yes, the quests even­tu­al­ly open up new parts of town, and it’s fun to progress as a serv­er and feel actu­al com­mu­ni­ty with all these peo­ple I’ve been bump­ing shoul­ders with for a cou­ple of years. But the Ogri­la quests them­selves were more fun: you have a rop­ing quest, a bomb­ing quest, a por­tal quest. Here, you have a bunch of kill quests and one bomb­ing quest. I’m just say­ing, we could have some sto­ry quests mixed in with the unlock­ing of phases.

Oh, a note on the Sun­well bomb­ing run: get a part­ner. Oth­er­wise I don’t see how you could do it in one pass (it’s tak­en me three tries every time when I’ve tried it solo). With my wife, we did it in one pass.

I’m real­ly look­ing for­ward to Wrath of the Lich King. It’s a long way away. In the mean­time, I’ll be doing the dailies and enjoy­ing Mag­is­ter’s Terrace.

There are Many Ways to Win

The game indi­ca­tor of win­ning in WoW is receiv­ing an epic item. In vanil­la WoW, the vast major­i­ty of epic items came from 40-man raid­ing. I’ll grant that there was an epic hunter quest, a few lim­it­ed craft­ing bits, some world drops, and a top-lev­el pvp set that only a hand­ful of peo­ple could get. But over­all, if you want­ed a reli­able way to get epic gear (and win), you hooked up with a raid guild and start­ed raid­ing… whether you liked raid­ing or not.

Con­tin­ue read­ing There are Many Ways to Win

WoW and me

I start­ed off play­ing World of War­craft because my best friend said that he loved it. He’s usu­al­ly a great gauge for what I will like, although I hat­ed Heavy Met­al 2000. (In all fair­ness, it was one of those times where he loved the orig­i­nal Heavy Met­al in his teenage years and was hor­ri­fied upon see­ing the sequel ten years lat­er) He asked me over to his place so I could try it out, and my first ques­tion was “Where’s the run but­ton?” He laughed.

A cou­ple of years lat­er, and I’ve solo’ed to max lev­el, had my wife join me in game (to great joy), grouped up to max lev­el more than once since then. We’ve been in a cou­ple of guilds, and ulti­mate­ly found the guild that became our WoW online home. In this guild, I’ve been: an enthu­si­as­tic mem­ber, a new­bie offi­cer, a raid leader, guild mas­ter, and am now a vet­er­an officer.

My guild is casual/raiding pve, which trans­lates to max-lev­el/­light-endgame. We’re all adults with jobs, we play well when we’re on, but all of us have real lives that we don’t put aside for the game. We’re good friends.

I raid with a heal­ing priest and a tank war­rior (whichev­er as need­ed), and dab­ble with oth­er class­es as time per­mits. My wife raids with a com­bat dag­ger rogue and dab­bles with a druid. We know a lit­tle about bat­tle­grounds and are­na, but not much.

The game is fun; it was my pri­ma­ry hob­by before my daugh­ter was born (less than a month ago). Now I’m a casu­al dad. I play when I can. I help out the oth­er offi­cers in oth­er ways when I can’t be online.

I’ll expand on most of this over time, but this is a decent overview of where I’m com­ing from.