Rock Band is better than Guitar Hero

Since I bought Rock Band (RB) for my PS3 a few months ago, Guitar Hero 3 (GH3) grew roots on the shelf. GH3 was my first fake-music game, and I enjoyed it very much. But the same source who prodded me to try Guitar Hero implored me to try Rock Band. And sure enough, I liked it more.

The multiplayer in RB would have been enough all by itself. Having my buddy over to jam on "March of the Pigs"? My wife singing "Call Me" at the top of her lungs? All of us laughing and cursing at how hard Boston music is to play and sing? You just can't put a price on that.

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PS3 love

Way back in the day, I was a Sega person. Like everyone else at my college, I had a Genesis (Jenny), but I followed Sega into the Saturn (good system, far too expensive, some memorable games), and the Dreamcast (outstanding system, some fantastic games). Then Sega came to an end due to their own pricing, strange marketing, and lack of third-party support… oh, and the relentless PS/PS2 juggernaut. Afterwards, I had to find something else. On a weekend where my wife (girlfriend at the time) anticipated us being snowed in and unable to escape from visiting her parents house, we picked up a PS2. It was Sony who killed Sega, but the whole "love the one who defeats you" vibe is strong here.

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Hellgate London sucks

There was a time in the last six months when my wife and I needed a break from the World of Warcraft. I keep up on the gaming internets and came across news that a former project leader (Bill Roper) had left Blizzard and went to found his own company (Flagship Studios). This company's first game is Hellgate London (HGL), a top-tier online multiplayer game in the spirit of Diablo, by the producer of Diablo. It's post-apocalyptic, magic-using, gun-shooting, demon-fighting. It's leveling up and getting better gear. When I list it here, it STILL sounds like a no-lose prospect.

After trying the beta, we were skeptical due to the amount of bugs. We didn't have a lot of experience with beta versions, so we believed the company's constant reassurances that they were ironing those bugs out. We figured this must be how it's done. So my wife and I each got the Collector's Edition of HGL, because the CE came with a minipet and we're suckers for minipets. My best friend did, too. We're all gamers, we were looking forward to dive into a new game that we could all play together.

Unfortunately, HGL sucked.

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