Happy New Year and a New Design

The new year is a good time for change, and I fig­ured that a new coat of paint on the site would be nice (thanks to Reg­is Themes for the sweet new look). Not coin­ci­den­tal­ly, I got tired of updat­ing the pre­vi­ous theme to work with ever more futur­is­tic ver­sions of WordPress.

Some stuff got moved around, but let me know if any­thing seems out of place.

Also, a new year is as good an excuse as any to offer grat­i­tude, so:

Thanks very much to all the read­ers and fel­low blog­gers for fol­low­ing and com­ment­ing on my eclec­tic thoughts.

Each of you have a dynam­ic and attrac­tive ener­gy about you, don’t think that I did­n’t notice.

(Not that I would stop writ­ing if I had no read­ers, but I already get enough of that action with my fic­tion. *rimshot*)

Also: Hap­py New Year!

Wrath Quickies

I very much enjoy writ­ing longer “fea­ture” type con­tent, as my loy­al and won­der­ful sub­scribers can tell from the reduced and (hope­ful­ly) bet­ter GoW out­put of late. At heart, I’m a news­pa­per and mag­a­zine lover.

How­ev­er, I’m play­ing a lot of WoW and I real­ly want to do is talk about the cool and strange things I’m see­ing, even if they’re just small arti­cles. So I’m going to do so! I’ll pref­ace these short­er thoughts with WQ.

Fea­ture arti­cles will be return­ing shortly.

Commenting is now wide open

Matt from World of Mat­ti­cus con­vinced me to open com­ments to any­one, not just reg­is­tered users. If you’ve reg­is­tered already, thanks much–you’re in the GoW club.

His blog has been run­ning longer than mine, so I can’t refute his advice, because I have no idea what I’m doing. He also runs Word­Press on Dreamhost, so if he can make wide open com­ment­ing work, then I guess I can too.

If your blog has been run­ning longer than his and you dis­agree, please let me know. At least you won’t have to reg­is­ter to do so.

When to post?

I write slow­ly. Even when I was writ­ing fic­tion full time, I would start a sto­ry and then work on some­thing else, until months lat­er I final­ly had one piece good enough to show.

This does­n’t real­ly trans­late well to blog writ­ing, but hey, sub­scrib­ing to a blog is free. I per­son­al­ly would rather only read worth­while stuff, so when I don’t have any­thing to say, then I don’t say any­thing. I’m try­ing to stay as close to 100% sig­nal as possible.

I’m work­ing on a mul­ti-part guide to WoW class design that’s com­ing along nice­ly. I’m pret­ty excit­ed to fin­ish it, but there’s also my job and my beau­ti­ful new daugh­ter and actu­al­ly play­ing WoW and the Celtics are in the play­offs. The end result is that the time between posts is even longer. This series will begin lat­er this week.

To tide you over, here’s some news from a bet­ter world.