Happy New Year and a New Design

The new year is a good time for change, and I figured that a new coat of paint on the site would be nice (thanks to Regis Themes for the sweet new look). Not coincidentally, I got tired of updating the previous theme to work with ever more futuristic versions of WordPress.

Some stuff got moved around, but let me know if anything seems out of place.

Also, a new year is as good an excuse as any to offer gratitude, so:

Thanks very much to all the readers and fellow bloggers for following and commenting on my eclectic thoughts.

Each of you have a dynamic and attractive energy about you, don't think that I didn't notice.

(Not that I would stop writing if I had no readers, but I already get enough of that action with my fiction. *rimshot*)

Also: Happy New Year!

Wrath Quickies

I very much enjoy writing longer "feature" type content, as my loyal and wonderful subscribers can tell from the reduced and (hopefully) better GoW output of late. At heart, I'm a newspaper and magazine lover.

However, I'm playing a lot of WoW and I really want to do is talk about the cool and strange things I'm seeing, even if they're just small articles. So I'm going to do so! I'll preface these shorter thoughts with WQ.

Feature articles will be returning shortly.

Commenting is now wide open

Matt from World of Matticus convinced me to open comments to anyone, not just registered users. If you've registered already, thanks much–you're in the GoW club.

His blog has been running longer than mine, so I can't refute his advice, because I have no idea what I'm doing. He also runs WordPress on Dreamhost, so if he can make wide open commenting work, then I guess I can too.

If your blog has been running longer than his and you disagree, please let me know. At least you won't have to register to do so.

When to post?

I write slowly. Even when I was writing fiction full time, I would start a story and then work on something else, until months later I finally had one piece good enough to show.

This doesn't really translate well to blog writing, but hey, subscribing to a blog is free. I personally would rather only read worthwhile stuff, so when I don't have anything to say, then I don't say anything. I'm trying to stay as close to 100% signal as possible.

I'm working on a multi-part guide to WoW class design that's coming along nicely. I'm pretty excited to finish it, but there's also my job and my beautiful new daughter and actually playing WoW and the Celtics are in the playoffs. The end result is that the time between posts is even longer. This series will begin later this week.

To tide you over, here's some news from a better world.