About Me

This is my anony­mous blog to write about top­ics that inter­est me in the MMO space, main­ly WoW. I go by GoW here.

I’m a mar­ried man and new father who likes to talk about writ­ing and video games.

I love games. Play­ing them, watch­ing them, fig­ur­ing out what makes them work and what keeps me com­ing back. I geek out when my cowork­er tells the sto­ry of his grand­moth­er’s bridge tour­na­ment. Yep.

I love to write. The short essay for­mat works well in a blog post, and by coin­ci­dence I espe­cial­ly love to write short essays. I write just to learn how I real­ly think about a top­ic, so I fig­ured that I might as well have a nice way to browse and look at my effort.

I love my fam­i­ly, too. How­ev­er, I only write about fam­i­ly stuff as it inter­acts with games.

Just some words.