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Logged on a couple of times in my free week.

The Argent Tournament was interesting. My priest's dual spec was fun. Playing alongside my wife was fun.

I actually blocked out some time last night to take an offer up from a friend regarding running the Tournament of Champions. I was looking forward to it.

Of course, it ended up being patch day, and the servers were shot, yielding an infinite response after every time I tried to log in:

You have been disconnected from the server.

Waited a half hour, tried again, then another half hour, then another. Gave up.

What really struck me about this was that there was no official note from Blizzard about why it happened. No window on the login screen acknowledging the problem, no details on what the problem was or the progress on it. Nothing on the official website, either. I found an article on WoW Insider with details.

What a weird way to learn about the status of a game where you pay for every minute of service. Five years in and a patch still wholly kills their servers for a day.

Evidently it got fixed after I went to bed for the evening. When I tried to log on this morning, my free week was over. The error message after your time is up helpfully reminds you to go purchase more time to play. Time, like yesterday?

Same issues. WoW is a great feast, with tons of leftovers. It's just a poor snack.

My wife and I will probably check out Cataclysm. Given this handy reminder of uptime and login problems, we'll pass on the launch celebration, though.

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