The kind people at Blizzard sent me an email to let me know that they

  1. miss me
  2. would like me to come back to participate in WoW's five year anniversary

They did this by offering a 7-day free revisiting period so that I could see all the new fun they've added. Something about Onyxia being dual spec or something?

My wife and I often talk about returning to WoW. Our second daughter is beyond the six-month mark, and we almost somewhat have some time at night.

Returning sounds awfully tempting, but we decided that it was probably not the best idea. Still so much to do apart from WoW: parenting, career, other hobbies, friends, exercise, other family stuff.

But then she walked by when I had the email open.

"Is that an Onyxia whelpling minipet?"


"Ohhhh, well it's a good thing that I didn't get an email, too." Then she laughed nervously.

Right, I mean lucky for us that they didn't extend the free week to her as well. We wouldn't play apart, so if they had offered… oh wait, there's her email too.


I mean, free minipet, right?

It's only one week, right?

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