Times Change

My wife and I were lucky enough to have our first daughter last year. We will be luckier still to have our second daughter later this year! The prospect of a second child has brought a lot of things into focus, including exactly how much time we're going to have to play World of Warcraft… which is virtually none, given how this first year of having one child has been.

We originally got into WoW because I had two computers (I'm a PC tinkerer), and we didn't have a lot of money. World of Warcraft, if you play it a decent amount and already have the computers, is a cost-effective hobby. $300/year for two people is great when you're playing almost every day.

But what happens when the parameters of your life change? How about logging on once a week? No raiding, instancing, or remaining competitive at pvp. We couldn't put the time together to finish a seasonal event before it ended. In such cases, the cost/value ratio comes out differently, and in our case, unfavorably.

We still love WoW. In fact, if we hadn't decided to become parents, we'd be playing tonight. My wife got teary-eyed during our conversation on whether to cancel or not. We've spent a lot of time playing this game together, had a lot of fun, and made real friends. I've learned so much about leadership from this game that I can't even begin to describe it. Participating in this experience has changed us, and we're going to miss it.

However, times change. I feel like part of the struggle of being a healthy person is letting go of what has passed and putting your attention into what is happening now. Right now, my wife is in her last trimester, and we have a little firecracker running around our apartment. For us, it's just not the right time for a hobby like WoW.

So, our WoW chapter has come to an end.

(…for now. Blizzard doesn't delete characters, after all.)

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7 thoughts on “Times Change”

  1. Congrats to the big news!

    I can fully understand your decision – I can't imagine myself playing when I was in the same situation with so young children. It must be a pain at the same time, but since you're two going through the feeling of loss and seperation I guess you have comfort in each other.

    I'm really going to miss your blog. You're one of those that I appreciate most. You're intelligent and interesting and you know how to write. Thanks for all that you gave us.

  2. I led the horse to the water but it was you who really started drinking. I remember the mixed emotions I felt when I realized you were far outpacing my knowledge about this game AND the social structures that surround it.

    I look forward to playing games with you in the future, my family and yours, even if that just means Chutes and Ladders or Hide and Seek.

  3. All the best to you. I've enjoyed reading your posts when I found it those months ago. I'm sure the game will still be here should you decide to come back.

  4. There seems to be a rash of posts like this from bloggers! I don't blame you at all, I myself have a 2 year old and a 6 month old, and I know how tough it can be. It can be difficult to find a balance, and often the best balance is none at all — ie, no more WoW. Best of luck with your real life leveling!


    On PTD’s blog… Time Versus Skill: My WoW Jealousy

  5. I have been sitting on this one for a while so I could give it proper attention… but a month down the track all I can think of is good luck with the new one.  I also know how pressed it can be with little ones and financial thoughts floating about… WoW becomes a tempting distraction that ultimately doesn't do one any favors…

    So good luck… and hopefully see you back again soon!

  6. I've read three of your articles tonight and just came across this one last.

    I got teary eyed from hearing you were pausing WoW after having spent 15 minutes on your blog.

    So, best of luck! I've learned so much in just 5 minutes and I thank you for it. Your writing skills are unmatchable. You must make a wonderful parent!

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