Wrath Emblem Design Revealed

Hid­den in an oth­er­wise bland post on the next sea­son of pvp rewards, game design­er Kal­gan let slip how emblem pro­gres­sion is going to go for the rest of Wrath! Here’s the rel­e­vant quote:

it won’t be quite as easy to get dead­ly items via emblems of con­quest as hate­ful items cur­rent­ly are via emblems of valor

Well, that’s inter­est­ing. So what have we learned?

First, unlike some well-mean­ing folk have recent­ly advised, don’t horde your tokens. Hey, I guessed wrong. It happens.

Emblems are intend­ed for that lev­el of con­tent, and there like­ly won’t be new rewards trick­ling down. I actu­al­ly like this sys­tem bet­ter; raid­ing Naxx every week won’t be “manda­to­ry” the way that raid­ing Kara was.

So, from this one sen­tence, we can derive that there will be an Emblem for each tier of content:

  • Heroic/Naxx10 : Emblem of Heroism
  • Naxx25/Ulduar10 : Emblem of Valor
  • Ulduar25/ThirdWrathRaid10 : Emblem of Conquest
  • ThirdWrathRaid25/FourthWrathRaid10: Emblem of Zomgepics
  • and so on

Thus main­tain­ing the steady pro­gres­sion of both 10 and 25-man raid­ing, and also stick­ing with their stat­ed design objec­tive that man­ag­ing twen­ty-five play­ers in a raid should yield high­er rewards than man­ag­ing ten.

This also elim­i­nates any save/spend strat­e­gy regard­ing emblems, which is prob­a­bly for the best any­way. If you see some­thing you like at that tier, grab it.

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  1. good catch! i’ve been won­der­ing if they were going to fol­low up on the same thing as they did in BC, which alle­vi­ate the pos­si­bil­i­ty of “wel­fare epics”

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