Wrath Emblem Design Revealed

Hidden in an otherwise bland post on the next season of pvp rewards, game designer Kalgan let slip how emblem progression is going to go for the rest of Wrath! Here's the relevant quote:

it won't be quite as easy to get deadly items via emblems of conquest as hateful items currently are via emblems of valor

Well, that's interesting. So what have we learned?

First, unlike some well-meaning folk have recently advised, don't horde your tokens. Hey, I guessed wrong. It happens.

Emblems are intended for that level of content, and there likely won't be new rewards trickling down. I actually like this system better; raiding Naxx every week won't be "mandatory" the way that raiding Kara was.

So, from this one sentence, we can derive that there will be an Emblem for each tier of content:

  • Heroic/Naxx10 : Emblem of Heroism
  • Naxx25/Ulduar10 : Emblem of Valor
  • Ulduar25/ThirdWrathRaid10 : Emblem of Conquest
  • ThirdWrathRaid25/FourthWrathRaid10: Emblem of Zomgepics
  • and so on

Thus maintaining the steady progression of both 10 and 25-man raiding, and also sticking with their stated design objective that managing twenty-five players in a raid should yield higher rewards than managing ten.

This also eliminates any save/spend strategy regarding emblems, which is probably for the best anyway. If you see something you like at that tier, grab it.

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