Emblem Strategy for the Super-Casual

Update! This arti­cle is well-intend­ed but the truth has been revealed, and I guessed wrong. More infor­ma­tion in the arti­cleWrath Emblem Design Revealed”.

How­ev­er, it kills me to delete text, so I’ll leave it here any­way. Also as a reminder to myself that design is opaque.

Only raid or instance once a week? Won­der­ing what to do with those 25 or 30 emblems you’ve final­ly accu­mu­lat­ed? Like real-life mon­ey, don’t let those shiny tokens burn a hole in your pocket.

“But, but, but how can I wait? Zomgepics!”

I know, I know. The siren call of zomgepics beck­on us all.

The emblem gear will (in all like­li­hood) be refreshed when a high­er tier of con­tent comes out, just like the Badge of Jus­tice sys­tem did in the Burn­ing Cru­sade. This means that your Emblems will (in all like­li­hood) appre­ci­ate in value.

The item lev­el (or ilevel) is the bud­get of good­ies that rough­ly deter­mines the strength of an item. In gen­er­al, you’re going to be bet­ter at what you want to do if you have an item with a high­er item level.

Right now (Feb 2009), the ilevel of the items you can buy with Emblems of Hero­ism are the same ilevel as those obtained from the final boss of a hero­ic instance or a Naxx10 raid, which is like­ly where you got the token in the first place. Basi­cal­ly, you’re buy­ing entry-lev­el raid gear that can be got­ten through the dili­gent run­ning of hero­ics and entry-lev­el raids. Good deal.

So why wait?

Well, I’m assum­ing two things:

  1. You’re in late-Wrath quest gear and hero­ic instance blues, with per­haps a cou­ple of pvp and raid/heroic/crafted epics mixed in.
  2. You aren’t gain­ing Emblems at a mas­sive rate.

For the most part, the dif­fer­ence between your cur­rent blues and those intro­duc­to­ry epics is not game chang­ing… not with just one item. Upgrad­ing all of them? Sure, that’s a big dif­fer­ence. But you’re not play­ing fre­quent­ly enough to upgrade all of them. You’re look­ing for the one item that you’re spend­ing your hard-saved tokens on to give you a notable change.

When the next lev­el of con­tent arrives, there will be new items for sale at the Emblem ven­dor. Those items will be the same ilevel as the new raid con­tent. And guess what? Your Emblems, the ones you’re sav­ing right now, will still be accept­ed there.

So why not wait until that day? Sure, it means pass­ing on cur­rent Emblem gear. But if you can wait until then, you’ll have gone from a blue item to a zomgepic Uld­uar-lev­el item with the same cur­ren­cy you have now. That’s a notable change.

So when I look at my (hum­ble) col­lec­tion of Emblems, I don’t see one Naxx10 piece of gear right now, I see an as-yet-unre­leased Uld­uar-lev­el item in the future.

(Of course, all of this is pred­i­cat­ed on the Emblem ven­dors get­ting stock of bet­ter items, which is how it worked in TBC. I’ve read noth­ing to sug­gest that it won’t work this way in Wrath, as well.)

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5 thoughts on “Emblem Strategy for the Super-Casual”

  1. Yeah, all good points, and way less frus­trat­ing than the:

    Yay I just bought a pur­ple which is 1% better…
    Damn, they just released the new 20% bet­ter gear and I have no left.

    I saw a bit of this in BC, where as a casu­al I would spend months get­ting enough for 1 new item.. buy it, sort of hap­py, but not excit­ed, only to have a (mul­ti­ple actually)friend pow­er lev­el past me and pick up the new badge gear and out dps me.

    Ahhh well, such is life…

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    1. Yeah, that’s why I wrote this. I hate to see peo­ple “waste” their effort and feel defeat­ed by parts of the game which aren’t clear.

  2. Ya, unless they release dif­fer­ent emblems for tier 8/8.5 gear, then you couldve spent your emblems on some­thing worth­while rather than hord­ing them for no reason.

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