Happy New Year and a New Design

The new year is a good time for change, and I fig­ured that a new coat of paint on the site would be nice (thanks to Reg­is Themes for the sweet new look). Not coin­ci­den­tal­ly, I got tired of updat­ing the pre­vi­ous theme to work with ever more futur­is­tic ver­sions of WordPress.

Some stuff got moved around, but let me know if any­thing seems out of place.

Also, a new year is as good an excuse as any to offer grat­i­tude, so:

Thanks very much to all the read­ers and fel­low blog­gers for fol­low­ing and com­ment­ing on my eclec­tic thoughts.

Each of you have a dynam­ic and attrac­tive ener­gy about you, don’t think that I did­n’t notice.

(Not that I would stop writ­ing if I had no read­ers, but I already get enough of that action with my fic­tion. *rimshot*)

Also: Hap­py New Year!

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One thought on “Happy New Year and a New Design”

  1. Slick new design GoW. I’ve been mean­ing to redesign my fam­i­ly blog, but I keep get­ting cold feet after try­ing out new themes. Now I have a new one to look at :).

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