Child's Play can make you awesome

I'm not a fan of using images when words would do, but in this case I feel it's warranted:

Child's Play, if you're not aware of it, is a charity that gives video games, books, and toys to children's hospitals. Any child unfortunate enough to be stuck in a hospital over the holiday season is low on optimism. A donation to Child's Play isn't going to cure a disease or get someone a transplant that they need, but it stands a good chance of making a sick child happier.

My wife and I have made this a holiday ritual since the charity was born in 2003, and it's become one of our favorite parts of this time of the year.

Learn more at the charity's About page, and when you're done reading that, hit the main page to find your favorite hospital to support.

Please, be kind to some people you don't even know. Even a little bit helps, and if you give then you will be awesome for doing so.

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