WQ: Alliance Skinning Tip

If you have an Alliance Skin­ning alt, park it in Valiance Hold (Bore­an) and spend 20 min­utes a day skin­ning the fly­ing Scourged Flame­spit­ter just out­side your front door. It’s a near­ly manda­to­ry quest so there are always peo­ple there, and those play­ers near­ly always leave their mobs unskinned. Free mon­ey, piles of it!

Don’t just lurk near­by while peo­ple kill the mobs, though. If you’re not busy skin­ning, go ahead and help kill some of the mobs that some­one else has tagged. You’ll feel good, and the faster the mobs die, the more you have to skin. Good for them, good for you.

What’s more, those mobs also hap­pen to be the best mobs in the zone as far as skin­ning goes. Before you know it, you’ll have a cou­ple of stacks of Bore­an Leather. (Don’t be freaked out by the scraps; it comes so fast that they turn into real stacks soon enough).


Wrath Quickies

I very much enjoy writ­ing longer “fea­ture” type con­tent, as my loy­al and won­der­ful sub­scribers can tell from the reduced and (hope­ful­ly) bet­ter GoW out­put of late. At heart, I’m a news­pa­per and mag­a­zine lover.

How­ev­er, I’m play­ing a lot of WoW and I real­ly want to do is talk about the cool and strange things I’m see­ing, even if they’re just small arti­cles. So I’m going to do so! I’ll pref­ace these short­er thoughts with WQ.

Fea­ture arti­cles will be return­ing shortly.

Protect Your Guild Bank with an Alt Invite Policy

Just a quick reminder for guild lead­er­ship: your guild bank con­tents might be full of L70 mate­ri­als and gear, but that does­n’t mean that shady peo­ple won’t want them and the gold your guild has stashed aside.

Every alt-invite request from a per­son with guild bank access should come direct­ly from that char­ac­ter’s main.

This vul­ner­a­bil­i­ty exists all the time, but in this brave new Death-Knight­ed world, alt invites are going to be rampant.


Offi­cer­Main: “Hey, I just made a DK alt, name is Offi­cerD­KAlt. Can I get an invite?”

GM: “Yeah sure!”

Offi­cer logs off of Offi­cer­Main, logs on Offi­cerD­KAlt, receives invite, gets pro­mot­ed to guild bank access. Noth­ing bad happens.


Ran­dom­Per­son: “Hey, this is YourFriend­Of­fi­cer. Can I get an invite?”

GM: “Yeah sure!”

Ran­dom­Per­son receives invite, gets pro­mot­ed to guild bank access, emp­ties guild bank.

From the looks of it, Bliz­zard’s going to have its hands full with tech­ni­cal prob­lems, so help your­self out and pre­vent this from hap­pen­ing to your guild.

“No, it’s totally healthy.”

Is there a time where you feel like an MMO addict more than when the servers are down for an extend­ed time, and your evening becomes check­ing, check­ing, check­ing for them to come back online? This isn’t my proud­est moment, but I’m eager to see the Scourge main city event.


Then you start hop­ing for a minor win, like maybe just the serv­er with your oppo­site-fac­tion alts to come online? It does­n’t have to be the serv­er with your mains–I mean, your alt serv­er would be bet­ter than noth­ing. As if hop­ing for a per­son­al less­er goal will allow that serv­er to mag­i­cal­ly squeeze through the authen­ti­ca­tion serv­er and appear on the realm select list.


I mean, I could read all the WoW-blogs I’ve sub­scribed to, but then what would I do dur­ing work tomorrow?


Expansions, Side Projects, and your Guild

Every time new con­tent becomes avail­able, it’s an oppor­tu­ni­ty for change in how each play­er approach­es the game. When the con­tent is as sig­nif­i­cant as an entire expan­sion, it can mean an influx of play­ers in the most obvi­ous way: peo­ple com­ing back because they want to see that new content.

There’s a sec­ond, much small­er shift that hap­pens as well, for both the peo­ple who have been play­ing all along and their guild’s leadership.

Con­tin­ue read­ing Expan­sions, Side Projects, and your Guild