WQ: Alliance Skinning Tip

If you have an Alliance Skinning alt, park it in Valiance Hold (Borean) and spend 20 minutes a day skinning the flying Scourged Flamespitter just outside your front door. It's a nearly mandatory quest so there are always people there, and those players nearly always leave their mobs unskinned. Free money, piles of it!

Don't just lurk nearby while people kill the mobs, though. If you're not busy skinning, go ahead and help kill some of the mobs that someone else has tagged. You'll feel good, and the faster the mobs die, the more you have to skin. Good for them, good for you.

What's more, those mobs also happen to be the best mobs in the zone as far as skinning goes. Before you know it, you'll have a couple of stacks of Borean Leather. (Don't be freaked out by the scraps; it comes so fast that they turn into real stacks soon enough).


Wrath Quickies

I very much enjoy writing longer "feature" type content, as my loyal and wonderful subscribers can tell from the reduced and (hopefully) better GoW output of late. At heart, I'm a newspaper and magazine lover.

However, I'm playing a lot of WoW and I really want to do is talk about the cool and strange things I'm seeing, even if they're just small articles. So I'm going to do so! I'll preface these shorter thoughts with WQ.

Feature articles will be returning shortly.

Protect Your Guild Bank with an Alt Invite Policy

Just a quick reminder for guild leadership: your guild bank contents might be full of L70 materials and gear, but that doesn't mean that shady people won't want them and the gold your guild has stashed aside.

Every alt-invite request from a person with guild bank access should come directly from that character's main.

This vulnerability exists all the time, but in this brave new Death-Knighted world, alt invites are going to be rampant.


OfficerMain: "Hey, I just made a DK alt, name is OfficerDKAlt. Can I get an invite?"

GM: "Yeah sure!"

Officer logs off of OfficerMain, logs on OfficerDKAlt, receives invite, gets promoted to guild bank access. Nothing bad happens.


RandomPerson: "Hey, this is YourFriendOfficer. Can I get an invite?"

GM: "Yeah sure!"

RandomPerson receives invite, gets promoted to guild bank access, empties guild bank.

From the looks of it, Blizzard's going to have its hands full with technical problems, so help yourself out and prevent this from happening to your guild.

"No, it's totally healthy."

Is there a time where you feel like an MMO addict more than when the servers are down for an extended time, and your evening becomes checking, checking, checking for them to come back online? This isn't my proudest moment, but I'm eager to see the Scourge main city event.


Then you start hoping for a minor win, like maybe just the server with your opposite-faction alts to come online? It doesn't have to be the server with your mains–I mean, your alt server would be better than nothing. As if hoping for a personal lesser goal will allow that server to magically squeeze through the authentication server and appear on the realm select list.


I mean, I could read all the WoW-blogs I've subscribed to, but then what would I do during work tomorrow?


Expansions, Side Projects, and your Guild

Every time new content becomes available, it's an opportunity for change in how each player approaches the game. When the content is as significant as an entire expansion, it can mean an influx of players in the most obvious way: people coming back because they want to see that new content.

There's a second, much smaller shift that happens as well, for both the people who have been playing all along and their guild's leadership.

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