WQ: Grizzly Hills Stink

I recent­ly wrote some gush­ing praise on Wrath quest­ing–about how Bliz­zard final­ly has it fig­ured out, how it’s great fun, blah blah blah. All that was before my wife and I moved into the Griz­zly Hills.

Now, I’m eat­ing my words.

What a mas­sive come­down this zone is after Dragonblight!

Let’s run down real­ly quick­ly the change in tone and con­tent from the pre­vi­ous zone to this one:


  • ride siege machines
  • res­cue vil­lagers from an undead-rid­den city on a snow gryphon
  • fight drag­ons from dragonback
  • sub­vert the lieu­tenants of Naxxramas
  • pal around with the leader of the Emer­ald Dream
  • invade a horde city along­side your fac­tion leaders

Griz­zly Hills

  • grind elk meats with a hor­ri­ble drop rate
  • grind bear flanks with a hor­ri­ble drop rate
  • grind wolves
  • grind troll mojo with a hor­ri­ble drop rate, do it five times in a row, with only the loca­tion of the troll camp chang­ing each time
  • grind some herbs because some ran­dom npc stubbed his foot and needs foot balm
  • grind the same wolves again for some­one else
  • trav­el all over the zone by horse­back because there are only two flight points (poor­ly located)
  • dou­ble back con­stant­ly because dif­fer­ent quest hubs tar­get the same areas

Basi­cal­ly, every­thing I said in my pre­vi­ous post on quest qual­i­ty was undone in this zone.

Admit­ted­ly, I’m not inter­est­ed at all in the pvp quests, so maybe I’m miss­ing the point. Are those quests any good? More impor­tant­ly, are they so good that they redeem the rest of the zone?

I’m so glad to be mov­ing on to Zul’­Drak. I’m going to skip the Griz­zly Hills entire­ly on my alts.

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4 thoughts on “WQ: Grizzly Hills Stink”

  1. Yeah, my hus­band & I hat­ed Griz­zly Hills too — we went there after Drag­onblight — what a let-down! Don’t wor­ry, the oth­er zones aren’t like that :] Storm Peaks in par­tic­u­lar was a blast.

  2. Pret­ty skip­pable. If you don’t have an inter­est in pvp-themed quests, I’d rec­om­mend find­ing a way up to late-L74 and going direct­ly to Zul’Drak. 

  3. I went straight from Drag­onblight to Zul’­Drak and com­plete­ly skipped Griz­zly Hills. I even­tu­al­ly did have to go back to grind from 75 to 76 before any new quests would open up for me in Zul’­Drak though. 

    The run­ning all over part was annoy­ing, but I did­n’t see any PvP quests (I prob­a­bly was­n’t look­ing hard enough). My advice on get­ting through is to turn the in-game music WAY up and just sit back and enjoy that as you grind on end­less mobs. By far my favorite music in all of Warcraft. 

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