WQ: Grizzly Hills Stink

I recently wrote some gushing praise on Wrath questing–about how Blizzard finally has it figured out, how it's great fun, blah blah blah. All that was before my wife and I moved into the Grizzly Hills.

Now, I'm eating my words.

What a massive comedown this zone is after Dragonblight!

Let's run down really quickly the change in tone and content from the previous zone to this one:


  • ride siege machines
  • rescue villagers from an undead-ridden city on a snow gryphon
  • fight dragons from dragonback
  • subvert the lieutenants of Naxxramas
  • pal around with the leader of the Emerald Dream
  • invade a horde city alongside your faction leaders

Grizzly Hills

  • grind elk meats with a horrible drop rate
  • grind bear flanks with a horrible drop rate
  • grind wolves
  • grind troll mojo with a horrible drop rate, do it five times in a row, with only the location of the troll camp changing each time
  • grind some herbs because some random npc stubbed his foot and needs foot balm
  • grind the same wolves again for someone else
  • travel all over the zone by horseback because there are only two flight points (poorly located)
  • double back constantly because different quest hubs target the same areas

Basically, everything I said in my previous post on quest quality was undone in this zone.

Admittedly, I'm not interested at all in the pvp quests, so maybe I'm missing the point. Are those quests any good? More importantly, are they so good that they redeem the rest of the zone?

I'm so glad to be moving on to Zul'Drak. I'm going to skip the Grizzly Hills entirely on my alts.

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4 thoughts on “WQ: Grizzly Hills Stink”

  1. Yeah, my husband & I hated Grizzly Hills too — we went there after Dragonblight — what a let-down! Don't worry, the other zones aren't like that :] Storm Peaks in particular was a blast.

  2. Pretty skippable. If you don't have an interest in pvp-themed quests, I'd recommend finding a way up to late-L74 and going directly to Zul'Drak.

  3. I went straight from Dragonblight to Zul'Drak and completely skipped Grizzly Hills. I eventually did have to go back to grind from 75 to 76 before any new quests would open up for me in Zul'Drak though.

    The running all over part was annoying, but I didn't see any PvP quests (I probably wasn't looking hard enough). My advice on getting through is to turn the in-game music WAY up and just sit back and enjoy that as you grind on endless mobs. By far my favorite music in all of Warcraft.

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