Improving Inscription

My main is a holy priest and has always been a straight gatherer. I liked the gold. When I learned that Scribes made books, my fate was sealed. Inscription Ho!

It's early in the young life of Inscription, and like Jewelcrafting and every other crafting profession, it has a barebones feel at the outset. There's one point in particular that's giving me grief as I work my way up to the highest levels, and I feel like it's easy to fix.

The problem is that simple communication regarding which glyphs are easy to get (learned from trainer) and which ones aren't is impossible. There are three ways to learn glyphs:

  1. Many Major glyphs are learned at the trainer.
  2. Every Minor glyph comes from a low-level daily research (Minor Inscription Research).
  3. The best Major glyphs come from a Northrend-level daily research (Northrend Inscription Research), which is fairly expensive to do because it uses lots of Northrend herbs, which are farmed into oblivion at the moment.

All of these glyphs look exactly the same to customers.

Currently, there's no way to communicate to non-scribes that the glyphs that I've worked hard to unlock (at great cost) are any different than the ones that every Scribe alt has. When I announce,

"Glyph of Chain Heal for sale!"

…there's no way for anyone to know how fantastic and tough to learn this particular glyph is. I have to count on the customer to go out and do research as to whether this is readily available or not. Of course, most people don't–they just assume that I'm charging too much and that someone else will offer it soon. (which is unlikely, given the high cost of research and random nature of discovery). So I end up sitting on glyphs that are fantastic because my customers don't understand that these glyphs are different than the other ones.

This is why the glyphs that result from Northrend Inscription Research should be rare (blue text) and the glyphs from Minor Inscription Research should be uncommon (green text).

I'm not saying that the effects should be buffed, just the appearance. You know instantly when a tailor, leatherworker, or blacksmith has spent an extra degree of materials or effort because the item has green, blue, or purple text. You can even tell for enchantments, if the enchanter links the recipe to you. Why can't we get some of this action for Glyphs?

As far as benefits to the Scribe go, the primary one is a low-cost, superior shoulder enchant. For example, my healer will have the Master's Inscription of the Crag as soon as I get something which will hang around for a while. It's certainly functional in zomg number terms (compare with Lesser Inscription of the Crag and Greater Inscription of the Crag available via reputation) but it's not very… exciting. I mean, that and the books is it, and using the books preclude using a staff. (not a problem for me, but it does reduce the utility of the item)

Overall, a slow start.

My wife reminds me that Jewelcrafting started off slow, too, then added trinkets and BoP special gems (and rings) that eventually made the profession a lot of fun. I'm keeping that in mind while I'm looking forward to what's coming for this profession.

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