Improving Inscription

My main is a holy priest and has always been a straight gath­er­er. I liked the gold. When I learned that Scribes made books, my fate was sealed. Inscrip­tion Ho!

It’s ear­ly in the young life of Inscrip­tion, and like Jew­el­craft­ing and every oth­er craft­ing pro­fes­sion, it has a bare­bones feel at the out­set. There’s one point in par­tic­u­lar that’s giv­ing me grief as I work my way up to the high­est lev­els, and I feel like it’s easy to fix.

The prob­lem is that sim­ple com­mu­ni­ca­tion regard­ing which glyphs are easy to get (learned from train­er) and which ones aren’t is impos­si­ble. There are three ways to learn glyphs:

  1. Many Major glyphs are learned at the trainer.
  2. Every Minor glyph comes from a low-lev­el dai­ly research (Minor Inscrip­tion Research).
  3. The best Major glyphs come from a Northrend-lev­el dai­ly research (Northrend Inscrip­tion Research), which is fair­ly expen­sive to do because it uses lots of Northrend herbs, which are farmed into obliv­ion at the moment.

All of these glyphs look exact­ly the same to customers.

Cur­rent­ly, there’s no way to com­mu­ni­cate to non-scribes that the glyphs that I’ve worked hard to unlock (at great cost) are any dif­fer­ent than the ones that every Scribe alt has. When I announce,

Glyph of Chain Heal for sale!”

…there’s no way for any­one to know how fan­tas­tic and tough to learn this par­tic­u­lar glyph is. I have to count on the cus­tomer to go out and do research as to whether this is read­i­ly avail­able or not. Of course, most peo­ple don’t–they just assume that I’m charg­ing too much and that some­one else will offer it soon. (which is unlike­ly, giv­en the high cost of research and ran­dom nature of dis­cov­ery). So I end up sit­ting on glyphs that are fan­tas­tic because my cus­tomers don’t under­stand that these glyphs are dif­fer­ent than the oth­er ones.

This is why the glyphs that result from Northrend Inscrip­tion Research should be rare (blue text) and the glyphs from Minor Inscrip­tion Research should be uncom­mon (green text).

I’m not say­ing that the effects should be buffed, just the appear­ance. You know instant­ly when a tai­lor, leather­work­er, or black­smith has spent an extra degree of mate­ri­als or effort because the item has green, blue, or pur­ple text. You can even tell for enchant­ments, if the enchanter links the recipe to you. Why can’t we get some of this action for Glyphs?

As far as ben­e­fits to the Scribe go, the pri­ma­ry one is a low-cost, supe­ri­or shoul­der enchant. For exam­ple, my heal­er will have the Mas­ter’s Inscrip­tion of the Crag as soon as I get some­thing which will hang around for a while. It’s cer­tain­ly func­tion­al in zomg num­ber terms (com­pare with Less­er Inscrip­tion of the Crag and Greater Inscrip­tion of the Crag avail­able via rep­u­ta­tion) but it’s not very… excit­ing. I mean, that and the books is it, and using the books pre­clude using a staff. (not a prob­lem for me, but it does reduce the util­i­ty of the item)

Over­all, a slow start.

My wife reminds me that Jew­el­craft­ing start­ed off slow, too, then added trin­kets and BoP spe­cial gems (and rings) that even­tu­al­ly made the pro­fes­sion a lot of fun. I’m keep­ing that in mind while I’m look­ing for­ward to what’s com­ing for this profession.

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