WQ: Alliance Skinning Tip

If you have an Alliance Skinning alt, park it in Valiance Hold (Borean) and spend 20 minutes a day skinning the flying Scourged Flamespitter just outside your front door. It's a nearly mandatory quest so there are always people there, and those players nearly always leave their mobs unskinned. Free money, piles of it!

Don't just lurk nearby while people kill the mobs, though. If you're not busy skinning, go ahead and help kill some of the mobs that someone else has tagged. You'll feel good, and the faster the mobs die, the more you have to skin. Good for them, good for you.

What's more, those mobs also happen to be the best mobs in the zone as far as skinning goes. Before you know it, you'll have a couple of stacks of Borean Leather. (Don't be freaked out by the scraps; it comes so fast that they turn into real stacks soon enough).


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One thought on “WQ: Alliance Skinning Tip”

  1. Same thing for horde. Step out of Warsong Hold and there's bodies everywhere. Our realm first skinner made it to realm first without even trying, just running around and picking up the scraps everyone left behind.

    Every so often I'll make a post to General: "I would like to formally thank everyone for looting their kills. This message brought to you by the Azeroth Society of Skinners"

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