Protect Your Guild Bank with an Alt Invite Policy

Just a quick reminder for guild lead­er­ship: your guild bank con­tents might be full of L70 mate­ri­als and gear, but that does­n’t mean that shady peo­ple won’t want them and the gold your guild has stashed aside.

Every alt-invite request from a per­son with guild bank access should come direct­ly from that char­ac­ter’s main.

This vul­ner­a­bil­i­ty exists all the time, but in this brave new Death-Knight­ed world, alt invites are going to be rampant.


Offi­cer­Main: “Hey, I just made a DK alt, name is Offi­cerD­KAlt. Can I get an invite?”

GM: “Yeah sure!”

Offi­cer logs off of Offi­cer­Main, logs on Offi­cerD­KAlt, receives invite, gets pro­mot­ed to guild bank access. Noth­ing bad happens.


Ran­dom­Per­son: “Hey, this is YourFriend­Of­fi­cer. Can I get an invite?”

GM: “Yeah sure!”

Ran­dom­Per­son receives invite, gets pro­mot­ed to guild bank access, emp­ties guild bank.

From the looks of it, Bliz­zard’s going to have its hands full with tech­ni­cal prob­lems, so help your­self out and pre­vent this from hap­pen­ing to your guild.

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One thought on “Protect Your Guild Bank with an Alt Invite Policy”

  1. Our guild requires all alt requests to be post­ed on the guild forum by the forum account asso­ci­at­ed with the main, and once access is grant­ed that is post­ed as well, and the result­ing thread is placed in a read-only archive for future reference. 

    It’s a bit of over­head dur­ing times like this, but stick­ing with a process like this will keep you nice and safe. 

    (Unless your offi­cer falls for a key­log­ger pop­up and gets hacked, not that we’ve ever had that hap­pen. Twice.) 

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