Everything is Always Moving

There’s a fun­ny thing hap­pen­ing in my guild.

I logged on late the oth­er night to hope­ful­ly luck into a quick instance run (did­n’t hap­pen), and there were four peo­ple from my guild on. I did­n’t rec­og­nize any of them. I vague­ly remem­bered read­ing some­one’s app from a lit­tle while ago, but that’s all. I mean, I’ve seen them around, but this is the first time I had ever logged in and not known any­one who was online.

“Well, new guildies are good for the guild,” I thought.

How­ev­er, these peo­ple were chat­ting with each oth­er over /g, and they all seemed to know each oth­er pret­ty well. Even though I did­n’t know them, it was obvi­ous that each of them was a good fit for the guild. We have a strange and fun guild cul­ture, and it was obvi­ous that they were steeped in it.

It felt like walk­ing into my liv­ing room and find­ing four very friend­ly strangers there.

I imme­di­ate­ly went to the guild appli­ca­tion sec­tion of our forums… and was shocked to learn that I had­n’t checked up on it in quite some time. Turns out that these “new guildies” had been in the guild for four months, not just a cou­ple weeks. None of them were new at all, I sim­ply had yet to spend good time with them in my ran­dom, new-par­ent-con­strained playtime.

Time changes when you become a par­ent. I’m grind­ing rep at work hard­er than ever (sup­port­ing fam­i­ly = play­ing for keeps), spend­ing as much good time with my wife and daugh­ter as I can, keep­ing in touch with my friends… I’m try­ing to wring every last sec­ond from each day. Activ­i­ties of relax­ation, like play­ing MMOs, used to take up a lot of time for me. Now those oppor­tu­ni­ties to relax aren’t as com­mon. Days are so busy that they blend together.

The weird thing is that my view of the guild and my friends in it had been like a pho­to­graph. Sta­t­ic. Unchang­ing. I’ve been play­ing and hav­ing fun and then log­ging out with the fol­low­ing mes­sage, “See you soon!” because it’s what I’ve always done.

Soon used to mean tomor­row, or even lat­er today. Now, soon can become a week or two with­out even real­iz­ing it. (Was­n’t it just Mon­day yesterday?)

Now I log back on, and while time has­n’t moved for me (I feel like I was just on), to my friend who’s been on every day, I’ve been gone.

“Wow, it’s great to see you! How have you been?” says my casu­al friend.

I try to come up with what I’ve been doing in a way that’s not too per­son­al, or uncom­fort­able. I think, “Well, my daugh­ter has been chew­ing on the cof­fee table hard enough to leave marks” and then “Her diges­tive sys­tem does­n’t real­ly seem to dig green beans” and then “I got a real­ly painful and yet beau­ti­ful pang of joy when she screamed and cried as I left to go to work yes­ter­day morning”.

But instead, I say, “I’m good! How are you?”

“Well, I did­n’t get the drop I was hop­ing for and I still can’t find the minor doo­dad I want (do you make them?) and…”

And I smile. The real­i­ty is that:

  • Guilds are dynamic
  • The peo­ple in these guilds are dynamic
  • The game itself is dynamic

Every­thing con­tin­ues to move, even when you’re not watch­ing it.

I guess that the fun­ny thing isn’t hap­pen­ing to the guild… it’s hap­pen­ing to me.

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4 thoughts on “Everything is Always Moving”

  1. *smiles* My hus­band & I are expect­ing our first baby in Feb­ru­ary — and we just rejoined a for­mer guild as offi­cers. We’re plan­ning to squeeze in as much WotLK as we can before the baby comes, and then we’ll be expe­ri­enc­ing much of the same as you. But I’m sooo look­ing for­ward to it!

  2. Even if we some­times have to be away from the game for a while it’s com­fort­ing to think that the guild is still there. The game nev­er stops… there’s always some­one online. And when you final­ly get back you slip into the group again, the ties are still there. And pro­vid­ed you have a good guild cul­ture, as you obvi­ous­ly have, you soon get to know the “new” peo­ple. It’s amaz­ing how quick friend­ships can grow in a healthy guild.

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  3. I could­n’t agree more, and that’s one of the rea­sons I like my guild so much. It is, as you say, healthy. I just slipped into think­ing of the guild as cer­tain peo­ple rather than a cer­tain kind of per­son, and that’s where my sur­prise was. 

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