Game Terms Overcome

I saw the fol­low­ing title on my gmail homepage:

Wired: Awe­some­ly Bad Defense Trin­kets, Part II

…and thought, “A WoW the­o­rycraft arti­cle in Wired?! Is this a par­o­dy or…?”

It’s fun­ny, because of course the word trin­ket exist­ed before WoW. How­ev­er, in the last three years, I haven’t seen that word once out­side of a WoW con­text, while of course I’ve heard it many times in WoW.

Thus, trin­ket has been com­plete­ly co-opt­ed in my mind, and I will now have to trans­late back to nor­mal Eng­lish every time I see it. Grats to Bliz­zard on suc­cess­ful­ly hack­ing my basic lan­guage skills and point­ing them back to their sub­scrip­tion game.

And so, my sub­mis­sion to the imag­i­nary ver­sion of the above arti­cle: Dire­brew Hops. It’s zomgepic, but it won’t help you tank anything.

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