Guild Strengthening via Personal Achievements

Recent­ly, Kiki­das remind­ed me of a pop­u­lar thought in how to make guilds stronger: a guild house/stronghold of some kind, with var­i­ous cus­tomiz­able dec­o­ra­tions from tro­phies from kills and accomplishments.

The prob­lem with guild hous­ing is that the room is com­mu­nal prop­er­ty. A brand new guild mem­ber walks into a room that has every­thing pop­u­lat­ed or emp­ty, just like some­one who has been there the whole time. Just like guild banks, you can’t have every­one edit­ing a room, right? I mean, I don’t let my wife edit my office desk arrange­ment (the mess is just so, thanks). Plus, you can’t take a guild house with you: if your guild goes south, you have to leave the house behind.

But why don’t we make guild suc­cess per­son­al, like the new Achieve­ment sys­tem is?

If you’re going to cre­ate sys­tems that, among oth­er things, allow peo­ple who behave poor­ly to escape the con­se­quences (via serv­er trans­fer, char­ac­ter name switch), then let’s fig­ure out a way to reward behav­ior we’d like to see. That’s game design 101.

Last post, I talked about His­toric­i­ty and how it could be used to make peo­ple feel warm and fuzzy about what they’ve done and who they hang out with. What hap­pens when we expand on that idea? Assume that Bliz­zard starts track­ing the cir­cum­stances in the way I describe there (who was with you when you con­quered con­tent, how many times you con­quer that con­tent, what guild you were in, etc)

Here are some the­o­ret­i­cal achieve­ments you could cre­ate with that information:

  • I’ve Got Your Back: Trig­gers every time some­one equips ten pieces of gear that you saw them receive. (Adds that play­er’s name to a list under the achieve­ment name.)
  • Some­one Has My Back: Trig­gers each time you equip ten pieces of gear that the same per­son saw you receive. (Adds that play­er’s name to a list under the achieve­ment name.)

These two would trig­ger at the same time.

“Hey, you’ve got my back!”

“You know I do. :)”

And for the peo­ple who always run together:

  • We Are Legion: You and your friend have seen each oth­er get every L80 BoP rare or bet­ter item that you’re each wear­ing. (Adds that play­er’s name to a list under the achieve­ment name.)

Achieve­ments aren’t game bonus­es, so there are no in-game bal­ance prob­lems with these awards. Just like all these won­der­ful casu­al Achieve­ments reward parts of the game that should be enjoyed (explo­ration, craft­ing, gath­er­ing), these per­son­al achieve­ments would be a sub­tle push that endors­es good team play with­out mak­ing it required.

Let’s scale it up to guilds!

  • Sol­dier of <guild­name>: Every rare or bet­ter item you are wear­ing was obtained while you were in the same guild.
  • Cham­pi­on of <guild­name>: Every epic or bet­ter item you are wear­ing was obtained while you were in the same guild.

These have the ben­e­fit of not being tied to raid­ing. PvPers, rejoice!

Now, let’s talk “pro­gres­sion”:

  • “I Was There! (Naxxra­mas).” You were in the same guild for each of your per­son­al first kills of Naxxramas.

…and then extend it to its log­i­cal conclusion.

  • Hero of <guildname>‘s Wrath: You’ve con­quered every hero­ic instance in Wrath of the Lich King, and you did it all in the same guild.
  • Avatar of <guildname>‘s Wrath: You’ve con­quered every raid instance in Wrath of the Lich King, and you did it all in the same guild.

That looks pret­ty epic to me. I’m smil­ing just think­ing about them!

Would­n’t you love an Achieve­ment with your friend’s name in it? With your guild’s name in it? Can you hear the cel­e­bra­tion over voice chat and see the whis­pers as your friends and guild unlock these achieve­ments together?

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2 thoughts on “Guild Strengthening via Personal Achievements”

  1. This is such an incred­i­ble idea I’m already frus­trat­ed with the lost poten­tial of it nev­er being implemented.

    The fuzzy spot with the pro­gres­sion achieve­ments are that just because you were in Guild X for a cer­tain set of achieve­ments does­n’t mean the achieve­ments were done as part of guild activ­i­ties. But I’m sure they could fig­ure out a way to make this idea work if they want­ed to.

  2. I think this is the best idea i have ever wit­nessed in the WOW com­mu­ni­ty! For me the game has less per­son­al achiev­ment and a more “got­ta be a bas­tard to play with bas­tard” type play. Many of my guildies are get­ting to a stage where they are say­ing “why both­er play­ing when we know we are going to be let down”. This would make this game, for me, so much more per­son­al and enjoy­able. to think of all these GOOD achievements..
    “Hey, you’ve got my back!”
    “You know I do. :)”
    rather than all the bad stuff…
    “we geared them up and then they left”

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