Ghostcrawler is WoW Game Design Porn

A few months ago, I wrote my guide to WoW PvE. At the time that I wrote that, Blizzard was tight-lipped in their design. Without their express design goals posted anywhere, everything had to be reverse-engineered from our experience in the game. In other words, my guide was a collection of guesses. I happen to think they're good guesses, but when you get right down to it, the amount of public data regarding those game design decisions I talk about was minimal.

All that's changed recently. Blizzard has a new and official voice speaking to the WoW class community, Ghostcrawler. I say the following with all due gravity: Ghostcrawler's posts are game design porn.

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Guild Strengthening via Personal Achievements

Recently, Kikidas reminded me of a popular thought in how to make guilds stronger: a guild house/stronghold of some kind, with various customizable decorations from trophies from kills and accomplishments.

The problem with guild housing is that the room is communal property. A brand new guild member walks into a room that has everything populated or empty, just like someone who has been there the whole time. Just like guild banks, you can't have everyone editing a room, right? I mean, I don't let my wife edit my office desk arrangement (the mess is just so, thanks). Plus, you can't take a guild house with you: if your guild goes south, you have to leave the house behind.

But why don't we make guild success personal, like the new Achievement system is?

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Historicity and WoW

In his excellent book "Man in the High Castle", Philip K. Dick talks about items and historicity:

She said, 'what is "historicity"?'

'When a thing has history in it. Listen. One of those two Zippo lighters was in Franklin D. Roosevelt's pocket when he was assassinated. And one wasn't. One has historicity, a hell of a lot of it. As much as any object ever had. And one has nothing …. You can't tell which is which. There's no "mystical plasmic presence", no "aura" around it.

[The Man in the High Castle, pages 65-66]

Why can't our World of Warcraft items have that aura?

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