WoW Itemization Dreams

Con­tin­u­ing yes­ter­day’s expla­na­tion of Wrath item­iza­tion, let’s exper­i­ment and take it a step fur­ther. Here are some fur­ther class changes Bliz­zard could make to sim­pli­fy the “nobody in our guild could use this loot” prob­lem. (Ram­pant arm­chair game design follows.)

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WoW Wrath Class Redesign and Reitemization Explained

I love what I’m hear­ing about the new item­iza­tion from beta. A lot of it is still in flux, but there’s a core vari­able that isn’t: a num­ber of for­mer­ly sep­a­rate stats have been combined:

  • crit­i­cal strike = crit­i­cal strike + spell crit­i­cal strike
  • hit rat­ing = hit + spell hit
  • haste rat­ing = haste + spell haste
  • spellpow­er = heal­ing + spell damage

This is absolute­ly won­der­ful. If you’re won­der­ing why they’re doing this or why it’s so impor­tant to the qual­i­ty of PvE, let’s geek out a bit and look at each class, the kinds of gear it cur­rent­ly wants, and what just the spellpow­er (heal­ing + spell dam­age) com­bine means in terms of how it’s going to make your PvE instances and raids happier.

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The Pleasant Surprise

In The Incred­i­bles, Dash is the young son who can run and move very very fast, like the Flash. There’s a scene where he’s run­ning away from some mer­ce­nary vil­lains, through a jun­gle. So he’s zip­ping between trees and jump­ing over logs, but his vis­i­bil­i­ty ahead is lim­it­ed because the jun­gle is so thick. Sud­den­ly the for­est ends and there’s a tiny bit of beach before a large bay of water, with him bar­rel­ing towards it far too fast for him to safe­ly turn away. Dash clench­es his eyes closed, expect­ing to wipe out spec­tac­u­lar­ly… and then opens them to learn that he can run across the water’s sur­face. Sur­prise! He lets out this mis­chie­vous, joy­ous, relief-filled laugh, then zips away. It’s a great scene. (Brad Bird for overlord)

In World of War­craft, my wife and I have had that laugh many times.

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