WoW Wrath Class Redesign and Reitemization Explained

I love what I'm hearing about the new itemization from beta. A lot of it is still in flux, but there's a core variable that isn't: a number of formerly separate stats have been combined:

  • critical strike = critical strike + spell critical strike
  • hit rating = hit + spell hit
  • haste rating = haste + spell haste
  • spellpower = healing + spell damage

This is absolutely wonderful. If you're wondering why they're doing this or why it's so important to the quality of PvE, let's geek out a bit and look at each class, the kinds of gear it currently wants, and what just the spellpower (healing + spell damage) combine means in terms of how it's going to make your PvE instances and raids happier.

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The Pleasant Surprise

In The Incredibles, Dash is the young son who can run and move very very fast, like the Flash. There's a scene where he's running away from some mercenary villains, through a jungle. So he's zipping between trees and jumping over logs, but his visibility ahead is limited because the jungle is so thick. Suddenly the forest ends and there's a tiny bit of beach before a large bay of water, with him barreling towards it far too fast for him to safely turn away. Dash clenches his eyes closed, expecting to wipe out spectacularly… and then opens them to learn that he can run across the water's surface. Surprise! He lets out this mischievous, joyous, relief-filled laugh, then zips away. It's a great scene. (Brad Bird for overlord)

In World of Warcraft, my wife and I have had that laugh many times.

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