Some GM Advice

I read a great arti­cle over at the excel­lent Chick GM about offi­cer lead­er­ship styles and what makes a good offi­cer. It made me think about what I val­ued in GMs and offi­cers, and what I learned as GM.

It took me a long time to come up with my online lead­er­ship style, and longer still to iden­ti­fy pieces of what I was actu­al­ly try­ing to accom­plish. I’ve been a leader in mul­ti­ple non-game places, but the MMORPG space is dif­fer­ent. My guild suf­fered a bit while I learned, but even­tu­al­ly I got the hang of it. When it was time for me to hand the reins over, I came up with a list of direc­tives and shared it with the sub­se­quent GMs of my guild.

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Dynamic Duos

One of the great joys of WoW is how cou­ple-friend­ly it is. My wife and I are suck­ers for some coop­er­a­tive mul­ti­play­er, and we haven’t looked back since we set up her account. We play togeth­er all the time, doing dailies, farm­ing mobs, instanc­ing and raid­ing (although we’re learn­ing that being new par­ents isn’t real­ly con­ducive to raid­ing, so that’s trail­ing off). Also, lev­el­ing alts.

We have some expe­ri­ence lev­el­ing a num­ber of duos.

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