Expansions are the Great Reset

World of War­craft 3/Wrath is com­ing. A new expan­sion drop­ping is the per­fect time to make big changes in your rela­tion­ship with WoW.

All L71 char­ac­ters are cre­at­ed equal. In the end, it won’t mat­ter when you get to L80 whether or not your char­ac­ter got Exalt­ed with Cenar­i­on Expe­di­tion. It won’t mat­ter whether or not you’ve been to Kara, SSC, or Sun­well. Your gear won’t matter–no mat­ter what you have, it’ll be replaced by quest gear by L80.

We know this is true by look­ing at the last expan­sion. Once you entered the Burn­ing Cru­sade, it no longer mat­tered if you were exalt­ed with Argent Dawn, or had killed Rag­naros, or did the hor­ri­ble grind to Exalt­ed with the Tho­ri­um Broth­er­hood. All of that con­tent became lega­cy con­tent, just like Burn­ing Cru­sade will become lega­cy con­tent on the first day that Wrath is out. Death Knights aren’t going to be gear­ing up in SSC, they’re going to go to Northrend as soon as they can.

What does all this mean?

This is the per­fect time to change your main. If all your toons are on even foot­ing now, then there’s no rea­son you can’t sim­ply choose a dif­fer­ent toon to lev­el, instance, and go through the endgame with. I know a few peo­ple who did this on Burn­ing Cru­sade’s release, and they’re among the hap­pi­est play­ers I know. They have more fun because they had already seen one WoW endgame on that char­ac­ter, so why not see it with anoth­er character?

It’s also the best time to change pro­fes­sions. If you’re the kind of per­son who feels guilty at the thought of trad­ing one pro­fes­sion for anoth­er, since you have all those dif­fi­cult bind on pick­up recipes that you scored in instances or from rep­u­ta­tion ven­dors… now is your guilt-free moment. Every craft­ed thing in the game receives an upgrade that can be whol­ly obtained in the expan­sion con­tent alone: every last enchant­ment, potion, gem, and craft­ed piece of gear. Who needs +40 spellpow­er enchant when you can get +50? New instances, new reputations.

Your play­ing enjoy­ment comes first, but if part of why you like to play is because of your guild, then don’t for­get them in your deci­sion. What about fill­ing a role that your guild lacks? Is that alt of yours get­ting invit­ed to a lot of guild raids out of neces­si­ty? Then why not ask your guild lead­er­ship if they’d wel­come you in that role in the expan­sion? Same goes for professions–having in-guild jew­el­crafters, enchanters and so on make for bet­ter guilds.

Keep all this in mind as you pre­pare for the expan­sion. How much do you like that alt? How much do you like your professions?

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