Dynamic Duos

One of the great joys of WoW is how cou­ple-friend­ly it is. My wife and I are suck­ers for some coop­er­a­tive mul­ti­play­er, and we haven’t looked back since we set up her account. We play togeth­er all the time, doing dailies, farm­ing mobs, instanc­ing and raid­ing (although we’re learn­ing that being new par­ents isn’t real­ly con­ducive to raid­ing, so that’s trail­ing off). Also, lev­el­ing alts.

We have some expe­ri­ence lev­el­ing a num­ber of duos.

Druid and Rogue

You want to see two great tastes that taste great togeth­er!

The pri­ma­ry bear druid move to gen­er­ate threat puts an effect on that increas­es bleed dam­age. (Hey, rogues have bleed dam­age!) One of the rogue’s pri­ma­ry abil­i­ties is to stealth. (Hey, druids can stealth too!). If you don’t feel like killing through to a named mob to fin­ish a quest, you just stealth by them. Van­ish plus trav­el form means that you can both eas­i­ly escape a fight that goes south. Druids can dps, tank, or heal, so you can change the make­up of your tan­dem at will. You can even go and duo instances by skip­ping mobs. This is the strongest tan­dem I’ve seen in the game, it’s real­ly fun to play.

Pal­adin and Mage/Warlock

Aoe tank­ing, meet aoe dam­age.

Pal­ly runs in and intro­duces him­self to fifty peo­ple, starts shak­ing hands and smil­ing. Mage/Warlock takes all their infor­ma­tion down and rakes in the cam­paign con­tri­bu­tions. Both are elect­ed to max lev­el soon after.

“Go kill X crit­ters” quests takes on a whole new mean­ing with this com­bo. “Whee! Let’s go find X crit­ters!”

Melee and Heal­er

In my case, this was Rogue and Holy Priest.

Rogues can kill pret­ty fast. Heal­ers, well, enable rogues not have to stop killing… ever. One of the sub­lime joys is enabling my rogue wife to just go on a tear through what­ev­er con­tent or mobs she wants with­out slow­ing down. Obvi­ous­ly, one of you has to get joy from heal­ing for this to work. Luck­i­ly, I have an incur­able fas­ci­na­tion with heal­ing, so we’re gold­en.

(Melee works bet­ter than nuk­ers because melee dam­age does­n’t suf­fer from spell push­back. Nuk­ers have to fin­ish fights before they start get­ting hit, for the most part. And in that case, why do you need a heal­er?)

Hunter/Warlock and Pet


Hon­est­ly though, it is kind of weird when peo­ple start talk­ing about their in-game pet by name, with obvi­ous emo­tion in their words. I under­stand that your pet was with you through thick and thin as you lev­eled up, but that does­n’t make it a toon of its own.

Raid Lead: “Hey every­one, wel­come to our guild’s first Karazhan.”

Mage: “Woo!”

War­rior: “Yay!”

Hunter: “Me and Fluffy the rap­tor like Karazhan so far!”

(uncom­fort­able silence)

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One thought on “Dynamic Duos”

  1. My hus­band and I have played a lot togeth­er. Here are some of our duos :)

    Paladin/Rogue: Back­stab is my friend. He keeps it’s atten­tion, keeps me alive, and I kill it.

    Hunter/Hunter: Two tanks, two DPS, two CC. It’s like we’re our own 5‑man!

    Mage/Warlock: Did you think you’d real­ly get to touch us?

    And hey… I wuv Bumper the cat. And Sibuna the owl. And.. and.. Rup­tik the infi­nite mana potion.

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