WoW Itemization Dreams

Con­tin­u­ing yes­ter­day’s expla­na­tion of Wrath item­iza­tion, let’s exper­i­ment and take it a step fur­ther. Here are some fur­ther class changes Bliz­zard could make to sim­pli­fy the “nobody in our guild could use this loot” prob­lem. (Ram­pant arm­chair game design follows.)

Remove all plate cast­er armor

Pal­adins would wear cast­er mail.

Rework shaman heal­ers, shaman nuk­ers, and pal­adin heal­ers to share stat item­iza­tion goals. (Maybe add a tal­ent to shaman heal­ers that their Chain Heal hits anoth­er tar­get if they crit.)

What about the armor the pal­adins would lose in drop­ping to mail? Give the holy pal­adin an armor mul­ti­pli­er buff (+20%, 10s?), renew­able each time they cast a heal­ing spell. Make this buff incom­pat­i­ble with Right­eous Fury, to pre­vent self-heal­ing pal­ly tanks. Sham­mies and pal­lies already share shields (and are the only ones who use them), so all cast­er shields could use the new system.

Remove all cast­er leather

Druids would wear cast­er cloth.

Make the tree of life and boomkin forms add an armor mul­ti­pli­er (+25% flat) so that druids don’t lose any armor in this transition.

Most cast­er druids I know already mix in cloth by neces­si­ty, anyway.

Remove all leather tank­ing gear

Druids would wear melee leather.

Rework bear form/abilities/talents such that leather melee gear and tank­ing acces­sories rings/trinkets/necklaces is good enough for bears. There’s bare­ly any druid tank­ing gear out­side pvp anyway.

The GoW “Maybe Some­day” Revision

Con­tin­u­ing the exam­ples from yes­ter­day, after the above changes, we’d end up with:

  1. Plate melee — deathknight 1.5/3, pal­adin 1/3, war­rior 2/3
  2. Plate tank­ing — deathknight 1.5/3, pal­adin 1/3, war­rior 1/3
  3. Mail non-cast­er — hunter 3/3, shaman 1/3
  4. Mail cast­er — shaman 2/3, pal­adin 1/3
  5. Leather non-cast­er — druid 2/4, rogue 3/3
  6. Cloth cast­er — mage 3/3, war­lock 3/3, priest 3/3, druid 2/4

We’ve gone from twelve kinds of gear in TBC to nine kinds in Wrath to six in my myth­i­cal redesign. My redesign has zero niche cat­e­gories; it has one tank­ing set, three non-cast­ing dps sets, two cast­er sets.

This is a leap, but it’s not out there.

Cloth would get too many peo­ple wear­ing it (11 builds) when com­pared with plate, leather, and mail (3 or 4 builds per spe­cial­iza­tion). So let’s do one more rebal­ance and in doing so, head out to la-la land!

Remove Leather and Mail armor, replace with Scale

Hunters, sham­mies, pal­ly cast­ers, rogues and druids would wear the new armor type Scale.

Align the abil­i­ties and gear goals of leather/mail cast­ers (shaman, pal­adin, druid) and the mail/leather non-cast­ers (hunter, shaman, druid, rogue) in ways like the ones list­ed above. Which yields:

Remove all (plate) tank­ing gear

Put all tank­ing bonus­es in sockets/enchants/rings/necklaces/shields etc. Plate would make tough and help you attack, but would­n’t be tied to tank­ing unless you tanki­fied it your­self. That’d make the fer­al druids hap­py, they like rings and neck­laces and trin­kets and so on.

The GoW “La-la Land” Revision

  1. Plate non-cast­er — deathknight 3/3, pal­adin 2/3, war­rior 3/3
  2. Scale cast­er — shaman 2/3, pal­adin 1/3, druid 2/4
  3. Scale non-cast­er — hunter 3/3, shaman 1/3, rogue 3/3, druid 2/4
  4. Cloth cast­er — mage 3/3, war­lock 3/3, priest 3/3

This isn’t per­fect, but you see what I’m get­ting at: WoW loot, now with Niche­guard. There are cur­rent­ly entire instances with­out loot for some nich­es. This would very much fix that. Would every drop be a per­fect match for every mem­ber in that cat­e­go­ry? Nah, there’s still a lot of room for opti­miza­tion, with some pieces being bet­ter than oth­ers for each class. But will stuff flat out be dis­missed due to one class/spec not being present? Unlikely!

The down­side to any of these revi­sions? Well, the game-wide reit­em­iza­tion for one. The tal­ent rework­ings, basi­cal­ly a redesign for some class­es. Also, the pro­fes­sions sys­tem is cur­rent­ly built on armor-type, so Leather­work­ers would become Scale­work­ers(?), while black­smiths would final­ly drop their weird mail­craft­ing abilities.

Quite a bit of work for a game cur­rent­ly live with ten mil­lion sub­scribers clam­or­ing for cool new content.

This is why I don’t think we’ll see any­thing along these lines in the cur­rent WoW, but giv­en how Bliz­zard is tweak­ing the game, I would­n’t be sur­prised to see some­thing like this in WoW2 or what­ev­er their next MMO is.

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  1. I don’t agree with your gear redesign for wow, although I do agree with that we shard a lot of itens that should­n’t be. Those nich­es are bad for every­one, but nar­row­ing the pos­si­bil­i­ties of gear will can lead to a stan­dard­ized way of gear­ing. IMO, the changes they are already doing will lessen the num­ber of shard­ed itens, but it will also cause more prob­lem for raid lead­ers, guild lead­ers, and loot mas­ters. It will inevitably cause dra­ma among play­ers, cause we will have 2 heal­ers, 3 mages, and 2 locks, will­ing to get the same item. 

    lets see how it works. NIce post BTW.

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