Achievements are not account-wide

…for now, according to recent posts on mmo-champion. They might look into it in the future.

So my thoughts on connecting the dots can be archived and then perhaps revived when Blizzard gets around to account-based achievements.

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2 thoughts on “Achievements are not account-wide”

  1. Jeff Kaplan says that "not yet" is actually Wrath's first content patch (so figure sometime in the first half of 2009). The promised achievements are different from the current ones (things like having multiple level capped characters, etc), but even so they will be giving out information that isn't currently available.

    In an additional wrinkle, Wrath is moving WoW to the Blizzard Account login, which will also be used for online play in SCII, Diablo III, etc. If your raid attendance drops off, your guild master will be able to see that your Diablo III score also improved dramatically over the last month.

  2. Thanks for the link! I hadn't seen that. Blizzard seems to have settled on separate character and account achievements, but like you say, there are still interesting bits. I'll keep an eye on it.

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