Where PvP Gear Often Helps

Yes­ter­day, I talked about How to Read PvP Gear for PvE, and short­cuts on how to eval­u­ate PvP gear when it comes to enhanc­ing your PvE set. The big take­away from the arti­cle was: use PvP gear to patch your PvE set, not for over­all gearing.

Today, I’ll list as many of the com­mon­ly-patched cas­es I can think of. If Bliz­zard’s going to keep pol­lut­ing sprin­kling in pvp items in your pve instances/raids, you might as well cher­ry-pick pieces from the pvp side that will actu­al­ly help you in PvE.

Remem­ber, con­tin­ue to block out the lines I men­tioned yes­ter­day as you size these items up.

Weapon-based class­es: key weapon

What’s a weapon-based class? Any class that has abil­i­ties based on “weapon dam­age +X” (for exam­ple, Steady Shot for hunters). Melee weapons for melee class­es and ranged weapons for hunters. All that mat­ters for those class­es is how hard their weapon hits. You can make up for the lack of PvE well-round­ed­ness in the rest of your gear.

For these class­es, where weapons are one of the largest parts of over­all dam­age out­put, and PvP rewards are guar­an­teed rather than a drop chance in a raid you can run once a week. Dag­ger rogues love [Mer­ci­less Glad­i­a­tor’s Shanker], hunters love [Mer­ci­less Glad­i­a­tor’s Cross­bow of the Phoenix], and so on. Those pvp weapons offer com­pa­ra­ble dam­age to the weapon drops you’ll get in raids.

This is why you’ll fre­quent­ly the fol­low­ing class­es rock­ing pvp weapons: dps-war­riors, dps-pal­lies, rogues, melee-sham­mies, and hunters.

Nuk­ers: spell haste items

Spell Haste is some­thing that was intro­duced about halfway through the Burn­ing Cru­sade. This means that it’s tough to get on craft­ed/in­stance/heroic/ear­ly-raid/ear­ly-badge gear. It turns out that for cast­ers, spell haste is typ­i­cal­ly the sec­ond or third best stat you can stack. So, if you have every­thing else cov­ered, maybe a spell haste item from this list could be a good move for you, depend­ing on where you are in the game.

Pal­adin tanks: weapon

Pal­ly tanks basi­cal­ly gear up just like a tank war­rior in every slot except for their one pure­ly pal­adin-tank item, their weapon. There aren’t many choic­es avail­able for this weapon. [Mer­ci­less Glad­i­a­tor’s Gav­el] is a good pickup.

Druid tanks: everything

Ok, I exag­ger­ate. I ini­tial­ly ducked talk­ing about tanks and pvp gear because tank mechan­ics are a deep enough top­ic to get mut­li­ple arti­cles of their own. How­ev­er, druid tanks and pvp gear is real­ly easy. I learned druid tank opti­miza­tion for my wife’s fer­al tank side project, and the state of the rawr-tank union can be sum­ma­rized thusly:

Druid tank play­ers should obtain a thick piece of leather, bite down on it, and run battlegrounds/arena until they can’t take it anymore. 

Check out emmer­ald’s excel­lent guide on fer­al tank gear pri­or­i­ty, browse those item slots, and see how often pvp items appear in the top 10 spots for each item. Bliz­zard still has some seri­ous class design work to do for my rawr tank friends. What a mess! As much as I don’t like how my pro­tec­tion war­rior plays in bat­tle­grounds, at least I don’t have to run them to improve my char­ac­ter. I’ll write more on this sub­ject soon.


These items are the excep­tion rather than the rule. Fol­low them close­ly. For exam­ple, spell­cast­ers don’t use their staves in the same way that phys­i­cal class­es use their swords/bows. They have no spell that says “this spell does weapon dam­age +100 fire dam­age”. Basi­cal­ly, a cast­ing staff could be a bot­tle of sham­poo for all you care, you just want the bonus­es it gives it gives to your pri­ma­ry abilities.

(I’ll add any oth­er excep­tions peo­ple can think of, just post in the comments)

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