Intro to Using PvP gear in PvE

Raids and instances are PvE. Bat­tle­grounds and Are­na are PvP. You get to play mul­ti­ple ways with the same toon, it’s real­ly fun! The cool thing about WoW is that even in PvP, with no group, you can get gear to help you in PvE.

This arti­cle is writ­ten for the PvE play­er look­ing to sup­ple­ment their gear with some PvP gear. I’m assum­ing you are a new­bie raider who has been to a cou­ple of instances and wants to take the jump to Kara, ZA, Gru­ul and so on and not suck at your role. To do this, you can def­i­nite­ly help your­self out with some well-cho­sen PvP gear.

How­ev­er, be smart about what you pick. Not every piece of PvP gear will help you in raids.

Step 1: Tanks Go Away

This is for heal­ers and dps. Heal­ers and dps have it real­ly easy, which is why I’m writ­ing that up.

Tanks have a more method sys­tem for choos­ing between PvE and PvP gear, since a tank’s job is not to be easy to kill and that’s also half of every­one’s goal in pvp. There are many online resources to help tanks make deci­sions like these, just hit google.

Heal­ers and dps, don’t be sad because run­ning bat­tle­grounds as a tank is painful (unless you’re a druid).

Step 2: Ignore the Text Color

I know, zomgepics from PvP!

Don’t be fooled! Much epic PvP gear is often beat by blue PvE gear when run­ning PvE. Step one is get­ting over the “but but but I have pur­ple loots because I run bat­tle­grounds all the time!” PvP gear isn’t designed for being good at PvE.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard “I replaced my last blue!” from some excit­ed guild­mate. You know what? That [Scry­er’s Blood­gem] you get for being Revered with the Sha’­tar is a mas­sive­ly awe­some nuk­ing trin­ket. I’m not going to cheer when you replace it with [Some Damn Thing] that gives you 900 health every two min­utes, just because it’s got pur­ple text.

In fact, this is good to remem­ber for all gear, but it’s espe­cial­ly true for PvP epics.

Step 3: Know what Stats Mat­ter to You

It depends on your class and build. But you can’t know whether gear is help­ing you unless you know how the stats work for you. Ask some­one, if you don’t know. Your guild prob­a­bly has some­one who’d love to help you out. If you are real-peo­ple averse, there are blogs all over the inter­nets to help you, and elit­ist jerks and wowwi­ki are always open.

Tomor­row I’ll talk about how to grade PvP gear for PvE.

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