Intro to Using PvP gear in PvE

Raids and instances are PvE. Battlegrounds and Arena are PvP. You get to play multiple ways with the same toon, it's really fun! The cool thing about WoW is that even in PvP, with no group, you can get gear to help you in PvE.

This article is written for the PvE player looking to supplement their gear with some PvP gear. I'm assuming you are a newbie raider who has been to a couple of instances and wants to take the jump to Kara, ZA, Gruul and so on and not suck at your role. To do this, you can definitely help yourself out with some well-chosen PvP gear.

However, be smart about what you pick. Not every piece of PvP gear will help you in raids.

Step 1: Tanks Go Away

This is for healers and dps. Healers and dps have it really easy, which is why I'm writing that up.

Tanks have a more method system for choosing between PvE and PvP gear, since a tank's job is not to be easy to kill and that's also half of everyone's goal in pvp. There are many online resources to help tanks make decisions like these, just hit google.

Healers and dps, don't be sad because running battlegrounds as a tank is painful (unless you're a druid).

Step 2: Ignore the Text Color

I know, zomgepics from PvP!

Don't be fooled! Much epic PvP gear is often beat by blue PvE gear when running PvE. Step one is getting over the "but but but I have purple loots because I run battlegrounds all the time!" PvP gear isn't designed for being good at PvE.

I can't tell you how many times I've heard "I replaced my last blue!" from some excited guildmate. You know what? That [Scryer's Bloodgem] you get for being Revered with the Sha'tar is a massively awesome nuking trinket. I'm not going to cheer when you replace it with [Some Damn Thing] that gives you 900 health every two minutes, just because it's got purple text.

In fact, this is good to remember for all gear, but it's especially true for PvP epics.

Step 3: Know what Stats Matter to You

It depends on your class and build. But you can't know whether gear is helping you unless you know how the stats work for you. Ask someone, if you don't know. Your guild probably has someone who'd love to help you out. If you are real-people averse, there are blogs all over the internets to help you, and elitist jerks and wowwiki are always open.

Tomorrow I'll talk about how to grade PvP gear for PvE.

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