The Declarative Voice and Blogging

A friend and I recently had a conversation about blogging. We talked about how when you're blogging and you have something you want to say, you have to write in the declarative or else the text comes off wishy-washy. He knew it was right, but it was his biggest hurdle to get over.

I agree that it's strange to sound so authoritative… I mean, I hardly ever speak like this in vocal conversation, unless what I'm saying is irrefutable, like "My daughter is awesome." or "Fire is hot."

At first, it did feel weird to write these articles where I'm stating my opinion as if it's empirical truth. I don't say that it's absolute truth, but I also don't start every sentence with "In my opinion". That phrase is one of many that activates a hidden voice in a reader's head that says, "Stop reading this."

Writing for a blog is just like writing an editorial for a newspaper.

Like editorials, it comes down to leaning on the reader to understand that the blog's author is just another person who feels compelled to write. Express your opinions, trust your readers–they can handle it.

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One thought on “The Declarative Voice and Blogging”

  1. I agree, with all of it.
    I myself have had a number of false blogging starts. I would come off as apologetic for my opinions, unwilling to offend anyone.

    Finally though, I don't know what clicked but when I started Secret Agent Cat I just decided I was going to write what I wanted, how I wanted, and to the nine hells with the nay-sayers. I'm not holding a gun to their heads and making them read what I write. If they don't like it, they don't have to read it.

    And then… miracle of miracles, I'm getting comments and watchers, people are telling me they LOVE what I write. I'm not writing anything particurlarly groundbreaking or informative, I'm just saying what I like without fear or apology, and it WORKS.

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