Playing Around

I real­ized in my last arti­cle, I used the ref­er­ence “25th per­son” with­out explain­ing what it meant. In my time as raid lead, it became a short­hand for the most under­per­form­ing per­son in the raid. A raid lead typ­i­cal­ly knows this as they’re assem­bling the raid.

“Hey, Lisa wants to come along to Gru­ul tonight.”

“We already have a 25th person.”

The Nth per­son is some­one the rest of the raid plays around in order to make sure the com­mon jobs get done. Good heal­ers cov­er for the bad heal­er, strong dps makes up for weak dps, every­one cov­ers for the tank who can’t remem­ber to use their cooldowns, etc. This per­son, for what­ev­er rea­son, just does­n’t help in raids that much.

You’re count­ing up from the bot­tom, so in a 10-man raid Lisa would be the 10th person.

Of course, if you’re bring­ing mul­ti­ple peo­ple who need to be played around, you could have a 24th per­son, 23rd per­son… but there gets to be a point where some­body has to know what they’re doing. Unless you’re talk­ing bat­tle­grounds, in which case it’d prob­a­bly be eas­i­er to count good peo­ple from the top.

(Impor­tant Safe­ty Tip: Raid lead­ers should only use this lan­guage to each oth­er, strict­ly behind the cur­tain. I do not advise refer­ring to any­one like this pub­licly. Although, I would like to hear how that goes. I think it’d be fun­ny, in a dark way.)

Raiding does not mean Skilled

(Relat­ed post: Max lev­el does not mean Skilled.)

There’s a class of play­er who feels that their sta­tus in the raid­ing game means that they’re Right. They label oth­er peo­ple noobs, and the sil­ly thing is that peo­ple believe them. “I have this awe­some item, you don’t, there­fore I know what I’m talk­ing about and you don’t.” This frus­trates me a great deal.

My guild recent­ly brought in a new recruit. Her main is a holy priest, just like me! I’ll call her Mary. She was very per­son­able, online a lot. She had raid­ed a lot in the orig­i­nal WoW, all the way through AQ40, which I’ve nev­er seen. She had tak­en over a year off from the game, and in her return was look­ing for a more relaxed play­time require­ment while still play­ing at a high lev­el. A per­fect fit!

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Max level does not mean Skilled

(Relat­ed post: Raid­ing does not mean Skilled)

World of War­craft, and every game like it, is real­ly two dif­fer­ent games. I first read this thought at Pen­ny Arcade (can’t find where because their search func­tion is weak). Basi­cal­ly, you have the lev­el­ling game where you start at L1 and then play until max lev­el (cur­rent­ly L70), and then the game that hap­pens after the lev­el­ling game, which is filled with group activ­i­ties of all sorts as you improve your max lev­el character.

Con­tin­ue read­ing Max lev­el does not mean Skilled

When to post?

I write slow­ly. Even when I was writ­ing fic­tion full time, I would start a sto­ry and then work on some­thing else, until months lat­er I final­ly had one piece good enough to show.

This does­n’t real­ly trans­late well to blog writ­ing, but hey, sub­scrib­ing to a blog is free. I per­son­al­ly would rather only read worth­while stuff, so when I don’t have any­thing to say, then I don’t say any­thing. I’m try­ing to stay as close to 100% sig­nal as possible.

I’m work­ing on a mul­ti-part guide to WoW class design that’s com­ing along nice­ly. I’m pret­ty excit­ed to fin­ish it, but there’s also my job and my beau­ti­ful new daugh­ter and actu­al­ly play­ing WoW and the Celtics are in the play­offs. The end result is that the time between posts is even longer. This series will begin lat­er this week.

To tide you over, here’s some news from a bet­ter world.