Playing Around

I realized in my last article, I used the reference "25th person" without explaining what it meant. In my time as raid lead, it became a shorthand for the most underperforming person in the raid. A raid lead typically knows this as they're assembling the raid.

"Hey, Lisa wants to come along to Gruul tonight."

"We already have a 25th person."

The Nth person is someone the rest of the raid plays around in order to make sure the common jobs get done. Good healers cover for the bad healer, strong dps makes up for weak dps, everyone covers for the tank who can't remember to use their cooldowns, etc. This person, for whatever reason, just doesn't help in raids that much.

You're counting up from the bottom, so in a 10-man raid Lisa would be the 10th person.

Of course, if you're bringing multiple people who need to be played around, you could have a 24th person, 23rd person… but there gets to be a point where somebody has to know what they're doing. Unless you're talking battlegrounds, in which case it'd probably be easier to count good people from the top.

(Important Safety Tip: Raid leaders should only use this language to each other, strictly behind the curtain. I do not advise referring to anyone like this publicly. Although, I would like to hear how that goes. I think it'd be funny, in a dark way.)

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