Officers should all have Tanks and Healers

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The following statements are all true for raiding guilds:

  • The health of a PvE guild is dictated by its ability to progress through the game's content at the guild's expected rate.
  • Groups and raids live or die based on being able to assemble, launch, and progress. A successful raid has all three roles (tank, heal, damage) filled to sufficient levels.
  • The ratio of tanks/healers/damage in a typical successful raid is something like 2/3/5.
  • The ratio of tanks/healers/damage in total available, raid-ready players on my server (and I have no reason to think this is unique) is along the lines of 2/3/25. I just made these numbers up, but this is what I've seen. You can always, always find another damage-person to come along.
  • Officers are invested in their guild's continued existence and success.

The logical sum of these points is that officers of PvE raid guilds, even casual ones, should take up the roles that are most needed to keep their guild raiding, namely tanks and healers. Even if the character is not their main, they should have an alt ready to step into one of these needed roles should someone decide to retire from the game, lather up with crazy sauce, or just hit the next stop on the progression train.

Your ability to raid, your entire health as a guild, can be brought to a screeching halt if a couple key tank/healer roles leave the guild. I've seen this happen and have dealt with keeping the crippled guild afloat after that. It's ugly, and amazing to see how quickly you can go from healthy and winning to despondent and bleeding members.

"We haven't raided in forever (one week)!" "What about my zomgepics!" "I don't wanna run the previous endgame just to gear the new tank up, I wanna raid just like we were again! AND I WANT IT NOW!" (It's really funny to hear grownups speak in these tones. That's the only upside to guild discomfort.)

Anyone can do damage. Extra tanks can do damage, extra healers can do damage. Maybe not progression-content-role damage, but enough to get the group through farm content. Conversely, extra damage dealers can only rarely heal, and nearly never tank… at least without a unwanted respec.

Officers: roll a healer or tank.

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3 thoughts on “Officers should all have Tanks and Healers”

  1. Or better yet, roll a healer, a tank and a DPS. This way, you can be ultimately flexible (just call yourself Gumby) and fit any role your group needs.

    It helps if you have altisms disease (or altitis). :)

  2. That's what I do! But I figured that for the officer who doesn't know to covering the group roles for their guild, we'll start them off easy with just one group-friendly alt.
    Altitis is wonderful by the way, both the syndrome and the blog.

  3. My guild must be rather unusual, because we are often at a loss for DPS. I'll often log on with tells of, "Fri!! Can you DPS x instance?" I know my GM is leveling a resto shaman and a prot pally for this reason. I also started a Druid that will hopefully be a viable bear tank at some point (we are at a loss for tanks on occasion, which is why I've been known to VW tank easier instances–we seem to have a plethora of healers, though). But I'm a slow, slow leveler!

    Our guild has had a pattern of 1) a tank shows commitment and leadership abilities 2) we give the tank a leadership role, and 3) the tank gets frustrated with our slower progression and goes to a heavier raiding guild. So, I understand having backups, but I'd rather the backups be other guild members who are currently taking an off-tank position. We have one feral Druid who does quite well with instances, so at this point we'd like to send him on raids as an off-tank and get him geared up so he could take on the MT role if needed. We want to get as many people who want to raid a chance to raid, which makes us different from other, heavier raiding guilds I suppose.

    I'm not sure what the point of my comment is!

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