Officers should all have Tanks and Healers

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The fol­low­ing state­ments are all true for raid­ing guilds:

  • The health of a PvE guild is dic­tat­ed by its abil­i­ty to progress through the game’s con­tent at the guild’s expect­ed rate.
  • Groups and raids live or die based on being able to assem­ble, launch, and progress. A suc­cess­ful raid has all three roles (tank, heal, dam­age) filled to suf­fi­cient levels.
  • The ratio of tanks/healers/damage in a typ­i­cal suc­cess­ful raid is some­thing like 2/3/5.
  • The ratio of tanks/healers/damage in total avail­able, raid-ready play­ers on my serv­er (and I have no rea­son to think this is unique) is along the lines of 2/3/25. I just made these num­bers up, but this is what I’ve seen. You can always, always find anoth­er dam­age-per­son to come along.
  • Offi­cers are invest­ed in their guild’s con­tin­ued exis­tence and success.

The log­i­cal sum of these points is that offi­cers of PvE raid guilds, even casu­al ones, should take up the roles that are most need­ed to keep their guild raid­ing, name­ly tanks and heal­ers. Even if the char­ac­ter is not their main, they should have an alt ready to step into one of these need­ed roles should some­one decide to retire from the game, lath­er up with crazy sauce, or just hit the next stop on the pro­gres­sion train.

Your abil­i­ty to raid, your entire health as a guild, can be brought to a screech­ing halt if a cou­ple key tank/healer roles leave the guild. I’ve seen this hap­pen and have dealt with keep­ing the crip­pled guild afloat after that. It’s ugly, and amaz­ing to see how quick­ly you can go from healthy and win­ning to despon­dent and bleed­ing members.

“We haven’t raid­ed in for­ev­er (one week)!” “What about my zomgepics!” “I don’t wan­na run the pre­vi­ous endgame just to gear the new tank up, I wan­na raid just like we were again! AND I WANT IT NOW!” (It’s real­ly fun­ny to hear grownups speak in these tones. That’s the only upside to guild discomfort.)

Any­one can do dam­age. Extra tanks can do dam­age, extra heal­ers can do dam­age. Maybe not pro­gres­sion-con­tent-role dam­age, but enough to get the group through farm con­tent. Con­verse­ly, extra dam­age deal­ers can only rarely heal, and near­ly nev­er tank… at least with­out a unwant­ed respec.

Offi­cers: roll a heal­er or tank.

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3 thoughts on “Officers should all have Tanks and Healers”

  1. Or bet­ter yet, roll a heal­er, a tank and a DPS. This way, you can be ulti­mate­ly flex­i­ble (just call your­self Gum­by) and fit any role your group needs. 

    It helps if you have altisms dis­ease (or altitis). :)

  2. That’s what I do! But I fig­ured that for the offi­cer who does­n’t know to cov­er­ing the group roles for their guild, we’ll start them off easy with just one group-friend­ly alt.
    Alti­tis is won­der­ful by the way, both the syn­drome and the blog.

  3. My guild must be rather unusu­al, because we are often at a loss for DPS. I’ll often log on with tells of, “Fri!! Can you DPS x instance?” I know my GM is lev­el­ing a resto shaman and a prot pal­ly for this rea­son. I also start­ed a Druid that will hope­ful­ly be a viable bear tank at some point (we are at a loss for tanks on occa­sion, which is why I’ve been known to VW tank eas­i­er instances–we seem to have a pletho­ra of heal­ers, though). But I’m a slow, slow leveler!

    Our guild has had a pat­tern of 1) a tank shows com­mit­ment and lead­er­ship abil­i­ties 2) we give the tank a lead­er­ship role, and 3) the tank gets frus­trat­ed with our slow­er pro­gres­sion and goes to a heav­ier raid­ing guild. So, I under­stand hav­ing back­ups, but I’d rather the back­ups be oth­er guild mem­bers who are cur­rent­ly tak­ing an off-tank posi­tion. We have one fer­al Druid who does quite well with instances, so at this point we’d like to send him on raids as an off-tank and get him geared up so he could take on the MT role if need­ed. We want to get as many peo­ple who want to raid a chance to raid, which makes us dif­fer­ent from oth­er, heav­ier raid­ing guilds I suppose.

    I’m not sure what the point of my com­ment is!

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