Rock Band is better than Guitar Hero

Since I bought Rock Band (RB) for my PS3 a few months ago, Guitar Hero 3 (GH3) grew roots on the shelf. GH3 was my first fake-music game, and I enjoyed it very much. But the same source who prodded me to try Guitar Hero implored me to try Rock Band. And sure enough, I liked it more.

The multiplayer in RB would have been enough all by itself. Having my buddy over to jam on "March of the Pigs"? My wife singing "Call Me" at the top of her lungs? All of us laughing and cursing at how hard Boston music is to play and sing? You just can't put a price on that.

(damn you Foreplay/Long Time! Daaaaaaamn Yooooou!)

But it's not just the multiplayer–RB is simply better in every single way. The single-player game is better in RB. The note tracks are better. The graphics, the gameplay, the presentation, the customization, the buy-what-you-like content store, everything. I was blown away right out of the gate and the overall experience kept me locked for the months between then and now. It's just more fun.

On a whim last night, I pried GH3 from the great videogame dusty-shelf-grave and gave it another try. You know what? Time has not been kind to GH3. Whatever nostalgia I felt was wiped out as soon as the cheesy graphics started up. Everything I remembered was true; GH3 is completely inferior. Even more so since I've been on Rock Band for months now. So the thought of Guitar Hero Aerosmith and Guitar Hero Def Leppard does nothing for me, even though I'm sure I would have fun in playing music from those bands. I'd rather buy the albums from Rock Band. And since I can't have that due to exclusivity, I'll just enjoy Nirvana's Nevermind when it comes out.

I do enjoy the GH3 guitar more than the RB one (which is no big deal, since I play drums in RB). And there are maybe 10 GH3 songs that I desperately want on Rock Band: Barracuda, Even Flow, Rock and Roll All Nite, Ruby, etc. But that's it. You don't often see a competitor completely stomp the competition, but here you are.

I think that's why Activision is desperately, blatantly ripping Rock Band for their own next Guitar Hero iteration. They might as well call it Guitar Hero: Rock Band.

Only Guitar Hero fans who haven't tried Rock Band could still be fans of that game, and it's just a matter of time before they do.

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  1. I agree, Rock Band rocks. I was really unhappy with GH3 as I felt the response time wasn't as good as in GH2. Although, maybe I just sucked more at GH3.

    You don't seem to get a ton of comments here, but I wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your posts and insight. Keep it up!

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