Rock Band is better than Guitar Hero

Since I bought Rock Band (RB) for my PS3 a few months ago, Gui­tar Hero 3 (GH3) grew roots on the shelf. GH3 was my first fake-music game, and I enjoyed it very much. But the same source who prod­ded me to try Gui­tar Hero implored me to try Rock Band. And sure enough, I liked it more.

The mul­ti­play­er in RB would have been enough all by itself. Hav­ing my bud­dy over to jam on “March of the Pigs”? My wife singing “Call Me” at the top of her lungs? All of us laugh­ing and curs­ing at how hard Boston music is to play and sing? You just can’t put a price on that.

(damn you Foreplay/Long Time! Daaaaaaamn Yooooou!)

But it’s not just the multiplayer–RB is sim­ply bet­ter in every sin­gle way. The sin­gle-play­er game is bet­ter in RB. The note tracks are bet­ter. The graph­ics, the game­play, the pre­sen­ta­tion, the cus­tomiza­tion, the buy-what-you-like con­tent store, every­thing. I was blown away right out of the gate and the over­all expe­ri­ence kept me locked for the months between then and now. It’s just more fun.

On a whim last night, I pried GH3 from the great videogame dusty-shelf-grave and gave it anoth­er try. You know what? Time has not been kind to GH3. What­ev­er nos­tal­gia I felt was wiped out as soon as the cheesy graph­ics start­ed up. Every­thing I remem­bered was true; GH3 is com­plete­ly infe­ri­or. Even more so since I’ve been on Rock Band for months now. So the thought of Gui­tar Hero Aero­smith and Gui­tar Hero Def Lep­pard does noth­ing for me, even though I’m sure I would have fun in play­ing music from those bands. I’d rather buy the albums from Rock Band. And since I can’t have that due to exclu­siv­i­ty, I’ll just enjoy Nir­vana’s Nev­er­mind when it comes out.

I do enjoy the GH3 gui­tar more than the RB one (which is no big deal, since I play drums in RB). And there are maybe 10 GH3 songs that I des­per­ate­ly want on Rock Band: Bar­racu­da, Even Flow, Rock and Roll All Nite, Ruby, etc. But that’s it. You don’t often see a com­peti­tor com­plete­ly stomp the com­pe­ti­tion, but here you are.

I think that’s why Activi­sion is des­per­ate­ly, bla­tant­ly rip­ping Rock Band for their own next Gui­tar Hero iter­a­tion. They might as well call it Gui­tar Hero: Rock Band.

Only Gui­tar Hero fans who haven’t tried Rock Band could still be fans of that game, and it’s just a mat­ter of time before they do.

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  1. I agree, Rock Band rocks. I was real­ly unhap­py with GH3 as I felt the response time was­n’t as good as in GH2. Although, maybe I just sucked more at GH3.

    You don’t seem to get a ton of com­ments here, but I want­ed to let you know that I real­ly enjoy your posts and insight. Keep it up!

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