Wrath of the L

I’m work­ing on a cou­ple of pieces based on the WotLK news updates. Before that flur­ry of announce­ments, I was work­ing on bor­ing posts like “Mas­ter Loot­er is the only option”, “Pace isn’t that hard” and oth­er pieces that sound even worse. Blah blah. I got bored while writ­ing them.

I write every­thing con­cur­rent­ly, so when I do update it will be with a series of posts. This is how I wrote fic­tion, too.

Part of writ­ing about the expan­sion is typ­ing out the name of said expan­sion. I mistype WotLK every time. What should be:

Wrath of the Lich King

comes out:

Wrath of the Lick­ing

(Insert mas­sive­ly mul­ti­play­er punch­line here.)

More Words!