Happy Mother's Day

Being a brand new dad has attuned me to Mother's Day. I used to obey when my father told me to get my mother a gift, but that's because there was the threat of physical violence if I didn't. That turned into a habit, but I never really got it. Ah, parenting.

If you already understand Mother's Day before becoming a parent yourself, then I raise a toast to you. If you don't understand it or simply go through the motions like I did, all I can say is that you'll get it as soon as you have kids. I've already called my mother to apologize for not understanding it sooner. She laughed at me.

So Happy Mother's Day everyone, especially to gamer moms and writer moms.

(Yes, this is a day late. I thought it defeated the purpose if I took part of her Mother's Day to write a post on my blog about Mother's Day. So my new-mom wife got the whole day. Part of that day was giving her a crafted [Belt of Deep Shadow]. You might chuckle, but she loved it, and it was a large upgrade over her Netherstorm blue questing belt. And yes, there was a real-life gift as well.)

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  1. The real question is what gems you put in the sockets. No matter what they told you at the vendor, Delicate Tourmalines are not forever.

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