Happy Mother’s Day

Being a brand new dad has attuned me to Moth­er’s Day. I used to obey when my father told me to get my moth­er a gift, but that’s because there was the threat of phys­i­cal vio­lence if I did­n’t. That turned into a habit, but I nev­er real­ly got it. Ah, par­ent­ing.

If you already under­stand Moth­er’s Day before becom­ing a par­ent your­self, then I raise a toast to you. If you don’t under­stand it or sim­ply go through the motions like I did, all I can say is that you’ll get it as soon as you have kids. I’ve already called my moth­er to apol­o­gize for not under­stand­ing it soon­er. She laughed at me.

So Hap­py Moth­er’s Day every­one, espe­cial­ly to gamer moms and writer moms.

(Yes, this is a day late. I thought it defeat­ed the pur­pose if I took part of her Moth­er’s Day to write a post on my blog about Moth­er’s Day. So my new-mom wife got the whole day. Part of that day was giv­ing her a craft­ed [Belt of Deep Shad­ow]. You might chuck­le, but she loved it, and it was a large upgrade over her Nether­storm blue quest­ing belt. And yes, there was a real-life gift as well.)

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