Bad Guild Names

Many guilds have out­right ter­ri­ble names. Ok, not ter­ri­ble, just ter­ri­bly bland. They’re all stamped from the same lame press: X of Y.

  • Seek­ers of Truth
  • Cham­pi­ons of Honor
  • Seek­ers of Honor
  • Defend­ers of Glory
  • Cham­pi­ons of Truth
  • Seek­ers of Glory
  • Defend­ers of Truth
  • Cham­pi­ons of Glory
  • Defend­ers of Champions
  • Pro­tec­tors of Ital­ian Vir­gin­i­ty (kid­ding, this one would actu­al­ly be ok)

Tell me that you haven’t seen dozens of these guilds lin­ger­ing around. In my expe­ri­ence, they’re always recruit­ing. Their GM quotes Glad­i­a­tor or oth­er epic movies in his sig. I can just keep pil­ing these stereo­types on, we’ve all seen peo­ple like this. They attach weight to the name of a group of people.

Next time I start a guild, I’m going to call my guild “X of Y”. Seriously.

The prob­lem with most joke names is that noth­ing is fun­ny after two days. Just like most tat­toos aren’t cool in just a cou­ple of years. What’s cool and fun­ny now is nev­er cool the fifth time you explain it. How­ev­er, I sus­pect that as you see anoth­er guild form with a name like Har­bringers of Mis­for­tune, you might get anoth­er chuck­le that will keep this joke fresh.

At least a guild with a stale joke name can be dis­band­ed and reformed with a new­er joke name… unlike those sad souls stuck with trib­al tattoos.

In the mean­time, I have an unguild­ed alt who’s about to start a new guild. It’ll be right up there with the Bankadins.

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5 thoughts on “Bad Guild Names”

  1. There are some sub-fla­vors of this which bear mentioning.

    There’s the typo ver­sion: “Defn­ders of Truth” or “Swords of Jugement”.

    There’s the LoreLol ver­sions: “Jus­tice of Aze­roth” or “Defend­ers of Ironforge”.

    Obvi­ous­ly you can com­bine these to great effect. Who would­n’t want to join “Chaim­pons of Lorderan?”

    As for joke names, some of them nev­er get old. I’ve always been a fan of the “Ven­dor” guilds (a guild name of “Staff Ven­dor” looks great under your name).

  2. I agree com­plete­ly. I don’t know why, but it’s worse when the guild name is WoW-lore specific.

    I think the joke metaname that lore names lead to is a casu­al guild called “Obvi­ous Lore Deriv­a­tive” with its sis­ter raid­ing guild “Obscure Lore Derivative”.

  3. We also need a mora­to­ri­um on the words “Fire” “Knights” and “Dark” in guild names. I believe at one time my serv­er had the guilds Dark Knights, Fire Knights and yes, Dark Knights of Fire all oper­a­tional at the same time.

  4. Yeah I also belong to one- “Swords of the Arch Angel” (sic). It has a decent rep­u­ta­tion on the serv­er though. I don’t mind the “lore” names per­son­al­ly, because on my serv­er they’re rare enough and at least you get the impres­sion that this per­son sort of cares about the game.

    One day I’ll make a WoW ver­sion of an old Lot­GD clan I was in — Bunch of Incompetents!

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