Like I said ear­li­er, my guild is casual/raiding pve. Peo­ple in-game often ask me, “What is casual/raiding?” So I thought I would answer on my anony­mous blog and then nev­er link to it.

Our casual/raiding guild runs five-man nor­mals and hero­ics with ease. We’re capa­ble of doing any lev­el of con­tent. We laugh when instances get nerfed, and we’re laugh­ing right now when we hear peo­ple com­plain about how hard the new Mag­is­ter’s Ter­race instance is. Our sweet spot as a guild is the small raid con­tent, which in vanil­la WoW was Zul’Gu­rub and AQ20, and now is Karazhan and Zul’A­man. Small­er raids are the right bal­ance of management/reward.

Our guild can nev­er seem to top that crest of enough peo­ple to raid the largest lev­el of con­tent. This (most­ly) does­n’t stress us out, although of course it’s dif­fer­ent from per­son to per­son. Back in the day, we took 28 to Molten Core, and stuck with it until we had suc­cess. I don’t think we’re stub­born enough to do that again. We’ve tried out 19 in Gru­ul, wiped a bunch, shook our head and walked away. Oth­er peo­ple have writ­ten at length about the strange guild hier­ar­chy that hap­pens due to the most devel­op­ment time being put into large-group raids. We’re hap­py where we are.

Our guild’s recruit­ment is pas­sive and con­stant. Peo­ple who want to learn endgame from scratch start here and then leave, some kind­ly and some unkind­ly. We have peo­ple who have left who we’re still friends with. We’ve had cliques splin­ter off to form their own guilds. We keep recruit­ing despite the over­head and ener­gy lost, because every now and then we find a per­son who is a per­fect match for what we’re about, and they find that this is exact­ly what they’ve been look­ing for, just like my wife and I did. And then we become friends to laugh with and play this game with. It’s a good system.

We don’t give peo­ple a hard time when they go on vaca­tion, or when they want a break from raid­ing. We also have guild mem­bers who have no inten­tion of ever raid­ing. Peo­ple haven’t giv­en me and my wife a hard time when our fam­i­ly expand­ed and our play­time has per­ma­nent­ly decreased. Our guild is friend­ly. Peo­ple are more impor­tant than raid pro­gres­sion. Casu­al. But the time that we do spend togeth­er online, we work to be the best group that we can. Raiding.

That’s casual/raiding. It’s not per­fect, but it’s per­fect for us.

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