WoW and me

I started off playing World of Warcraft because my best friend said that he loved it. He's usually a great gauge for what I will like, although I hated Heavy Metal 2000. (In all fairness, it was one of those times where he loved the original Heavy Metal in his teenage years and was horrified upon seeing the sequel ten years later) He asked me over to his place so I could try it out, and my first question was "Where's the run button?" He laughed.

A couple of years later, and I've solo'ed to max level, had my wife join me in game (to great joy), grouped up to max level more than once since then. We've been in a couple of guilds, and ultimately found the guild that became our WoW online home. In this guild, I've been: an enthusiastic member, a newbie officer, a raid leader, guild master, and am now a veteran officer.

My guild is casual/raiding pve, which translates to max-level/light-endgame. We're all adults with jobs, we play well when we're on, but all of us have real lives that we don't put aside for the game. We're good friends.

I raid with a healing priest and a tank warrior (whichever as needed), and dabble with other classes as time permits. My wife raids with a combat dagger rogue and dabbles with a druid. We know a little about battlegrounds and arena, but not much.

The game is fun; it was my primary hobby before my daughter was born (less than a month ago). Now I'm a casual dad. I play when I can. I help out the other officers in other ways when I can't be online.

I'll expand on most of this over time, but this is a decent overview of where I'm coming from.

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